Saturday, February 26, 2011

Like Chocolate? Patchi? Try Ghraoui!

did you know that ‘patchi’ is originally from lebanon?

this expensive chocolate ‘patchi’ is now very popular among malaysians, especially those planning a wedding – it’s the perfect ‘sweet’ addition to a hantaran kawen. however, many have not heard of its equally exclusive ‘cousin’, ghraoui – another mid-east born chocolate, from syria!

* * *

ferrero rocher is a MUST-get souvenir from mr. khairul whenever he travels abroad. calling him at the airport, i will always remind him, “don’t forget my ferrero rocher!” hihi.

however, this time around, he came back from syria with a different brand of chocolate - ‘ghraoui’. pronounced as ‘grawi’, it’s introduced in syria as far back as the 1930’s! i was very intrigued, especially when told that it’s as exclusive as patchi, if not more so!



wrapped in a gold-colored box, it’s accompanied by a little orange pamphlet that detailed each 120 varieties of chocolates they make for ghraoui.

i’m a VERY picky eater, so this list really helped me pick and choose the ones that i like, and would actually enjoy eating!

  • i absolutely do not like dark chocolate
  • preferably not white chocolate
  • no choc with too much nuts – peanuts, pistachio, almond, hazelnut – ANY nuts



there’s dark chocolate with crushed pistachio, and many more – but strictly milk chocolate for me, with just a little bit of nuts!



the first time i was introduced to patchi brand? it was given away as complimentary door gifts at an event in dubai two years back. personally, i don’t see (or rather taste) any difference. patchi or ghraoui, they’re both deliciously creamy with rich chocolate taste.

i am taking the same stand as when i wrote about the laduree’s macarons – just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean that it’s better tasting than any other chocolate in the world!

my chocolate soul still faithfully yearns for ferrero rocher!


* * *


most of the work to make the chocolates were done manually by the staff. i read that there’s even a 3rd generation of staff working there, following the footsteps of his father and his grandfather who had served for mr. ghraoui senior before.



source : here


there’s a ghraoui outlet in dubai mall. check it out if you’re interested! there are a few patchi outlet in malaysia, but i don’t know about ghraoui…


* * *




man, i love chocolate.

my favorite? ferrero rocher of course would be on top of the list. followed closely by kinder bueno, and then kit kat. see the pattern in the type of chocolate that i like? i’ve always preferred chocolate with a little bit of crunch in them – wafer, or biscuits, rice crispy or crushed nuts.

mr. khairul loves white chocolate, and his favorite would be the white chocolate toblerone.

what’s your favorite?


* * *


oh, and have you seen the movie ‘chocolat’ starring the grungy johnny depp? better watch that if you’re a chocoholic! and even if you’re so-so, you’d see chocolate in a whole new light!

want to read instead? try roald dahl’s ‘charlie and the chocolate factory!’ delightful tale of an innocent boy and the eccentric owner of a chocolate factory!


* * *


“..when he sees one of his chocolates melt rapidly in your hand, he is pleased in spite of the mess. “a low melting point is a sign of true quality chocolate,” he smiles. “i don’t substitute vegetable oils to make the chocolates last longer. that’s what they do in America, and now, sadly, some companies in europe are beginning to find that acceptable as well. i don’t. i won’t.”

~ bassam ghraoui, son of founder of ghraoui.


Fauziah said...

im to this day loyal to ferero rocher.and there's one more called mon cheri.have you tried that.2 more possum on my blog.doing what i can.

Fauziah said...

oh dear not possum but posts.ha ha.

lil sharky said...

Give me kit kat and ferrero rocher anytime and i'll be happy.
Have u tried the italian Baci chocolates? It's good. You can find them in duty free stores and im sure u can easily find them in dubai.

amirah said...

oh my..same here..!!my all time fav wld be ferero and kinder bueno..sedap giler!

ICA said...

dear, i love all the kinds yg you hate...totally opposite lah ni. Love dark choc, white choc & anything with loads of nuts in it.

And of course dah tengok film tu...coz abang Johnny is in it!! Love him too...:P

firahadifa said...

i vote catbury hazelnuts yg paling sedap !

ferero rocher cum 2nd


Zulaikha Mohamad said...

I love ferrero rocher too..and nothing can beat the taste of the chocolate..:-)

Syigim said...

>> fauziah, yes! ferrero rocher forever! hihi ;) haven't tried mon cheri.

good job on your postings. keep the momentum! hihi

>> lil sharky, yes i've tried baci. but ferrero rocher is still at heart :))

Syigim said...

>> amirah, sedap gile kan kinder bueno! esp bila yg dlm tu cair jeee hihi ;)

>> ica! mmg kita ni byk opposite! tu yg opposite attracts! hihi ;)

abg johnny i jgk ok!!! :P

Syigim said...

>> firahadifa, cadbury hazelnuts mmg sedap makan once in awhile ;)

>> zulaikha, another ferrero fan! cheers! :)

Just another foodie :) said...

Can't wait for more food posts on Syria. Pretty please :)))

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