Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Famous Ikea Meatballs : 1st Try!

yes, yes – we’ve just jumped onto the bandwagon of ikea meatball-lovers, after practically everyone we knew had already tried it!

we went to festival city dubai, where the ikea is.



ikea meatballs, ikea meatballs. what the heck is this dish? is it a pasta dish? but it doesn’t say spaghetti meatballs. so what, there’s JUST meatballs on the plate? what the—? what kind of dish is that!

so went my sceptical self before this.

turned out, my plate of meatballs consists of 10 meatballs in cream sauce, with a huge chunk of potato and steamed veggie – all for 10dhs a plate.

to be honest, it looks like a ‘poor man’s steak plate’ – instead of a big fat steak, you got meatballs. instead of rich creamy mash potato, you’ve got that bulk of potato. and instead of crisp salad and avocado, you’ve got the instant mix veggie with peas and baby carrots.

all this, for 15dhs. we bought one plate and share, because sharing is caring haha.



the dish is SO simple, and yet, with one bite – so delicious! the juicy meatballs, the salty marinade cream sauce, the sweet potato – they all complement each other well.

in malaysia, instead of that potato bulk, this dish is served with fries, am i right? actually i’d prefer fries than the potato!

but i LOVE the veggie. i’ve always loved green peas with my lamb chops, steaks or burgers. i can eat lots and lots of green peas, so no complaints there!



mr. khairul bought this cake for JUST 7dhs. and on top of that, gets a complimentary coffee to go along with it. that’s a fantastic deal, in dubai terms. really.

mind you, in dubai you’re probably dreaming if you pay less than 10dhs for a cake. oh, you can actually get very cheap (and yummy) cheesecake and choc cake at kfc for 7dhs.

…so to get a deliciously fancy cake like in the picture, along with a free coffee – all for 7 dhs – is something you got to have!


kahfi doing sniffing test. as usual. :P


naughty kahfi



khaleef did an impromptu storytelling, while kazim listened intently


my youngest prince


being in a middle east country, there’s also chicken shawarma (like kebab) sold, alongside the western hotdog. but i’d try the swedish meatballs again the next time we come by!

what did we buy? a wooden kitchen rack, coat hanger, some kiddy placemats (with the mouse driving the chilli? cute and whimsical!), and the plush sofa cushions. *seronok!* ok, everybody let’s just shout – i love ikea!


Zulaikha Mohamad said...

Rindu plak nk mkn meatballs..dh lame x mkn.. Esok terpaksa ajak hubby ke sana.. Hehe

Pala Maldini said...

I'll go for ikea's swedish meatballs too..

kat Malaysia, takde vegie2 & potato tu.. dia guna potato chips..

ICA said...

alamak....geram sangat tengok the little prince tu. Sooooo cute and dah not so little dah.....rasa mcm nak pinch his cheeks saja.

Liz Rohaizat said...

OMG, tiba2 nak terasa nak gi IKEA skrg jugak.

betul kak, kat sini potato tu ganti dgn fries. then ada letak ligonberry jelly/jam sikit. kalau org perasan, dia warna merah. sedap! IKEA kan dari Sweden. Swedish dan ligonberry tak dpt dipisahkan.

amirah said...

kazim dah besar..heee..nvr get chance untuk rasa ikea meatballs..menunggu kut2 la ikea nak bukak branch kat melaka..wohooo

TheFusionTea said...

Meatballs are yummY.

Mommy Fara said... kecik tu! adoi! manis senyuman awak! nak geget pipi ley?

Syigim said...

>> zulaikha, kitorang br 1st time try! hihi :P

>> pala maldini, aku prefer fries! ;)

Syigim said...

>> ica, the little prince getting naughtier each day! dah byk akal! ;)

>> liz, tu la ade dgr psl jam ligonberry tu! rasa mcm - meatball ngan jam? uish! weird..but tempting! :)

Syigim said...

>> amirah, kalo dtg kl gi try ok :)

>> the fusion tea, agreed!

>> mommy fara, senyumannya manis mcm maknye la hahhahaha :P

Pala Maldini said...

sorry, it's fries.. not chip

Liz Rohaizat said...

ligonberry... masa mula2 saya nak cuba, rasa mcm pelik. sedap ke mkn meatball dgn jam? tp maybe sebab sauce dia pun sedap.. mcm sesuai pulak! licin jugak

Fara said...

mmg sedap! i likeeeee ikea meatballs. tp kan, kalau queue nye pjg mase nak beli, i balik je hahaha

Syigim said...

>> liz, you make me wanna try the meatball with the weird ligonberry! :)

>> fara, kat kl xpenah try lagi. q panjang ye? a ah i pun sure blah je kalo q panjang! ;)

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