Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy 32nd Birthday, Honey!

i’m still 31 nyeh nyeh. until june that is.

this birthday boy is a genuine guy’s guy who’s not afraid to scream when he sees cockroaches and dares wear pink. buys me chocolates when he travels and shower endless i-love-yous. the boys can crawl all over their father in play, yet can cower when he’s firm. dedicated to his job, and eager to do more. be honest and sincere with him, and he’s your friend for life.

this birthday boy is doing okay!

as usual, every 8th of march, my blog is incomplete without a birthday dedication to my mr. khairul, syigim style. check out my birthday poem for mr. khairul on his 30th birthday, and for his 31st.

enjoy this latest addition; specially for his 32nd birthday.


001960180024 - Copy


32 Years of Khairul
by syigim, your smokin hot wife

you're 32 so what is new?
grey hairs are peeking out
don't worry though it's just a few
need not get all freak out

you're 32 so how's it hangin?
your tummy expands an inch
no worries hon, don't go head-bangin
there's more of you to clinch

you're 32 so what's up doc?
forgetfulness persist
you left your keys you mix your sock
but i'm there to assist

you're 32 so how are things?
always been the same great man
grey hair, amnesia, tummy expanding
oh, just enjoy life as you can!

you're 32 so here's the deal
have so much more to thank for
a loving wife that's for real
3 boys whom you adore

you're 32 ok that’s that
enjoy this happy moment
give yourself a nice good pat
for another year of excitement!


* * *


have great fun and just let loose today, mr. khairul. and this year, may you get that ‘sexy italian babe’, or the ‘wild american chick’. whichever looks good on you, i give my blessings. haha. just as long as i get to hitch a ride…

happy birthday!


arin said...

hepi bday en khairul!

Yuslinda said...

Epy bestday khairul...
aww..syihim so sweeetlah..buat poem suma tuk suamimu....eh khairul ngan abg matnor sama bulanla.he 11 hb mac.hahaha dekat dekatkan..nak celebrate kat mana ni?kak linda pun pening nak nak birthday boy tukar 4 series lak tu.4 big 0..kena buat surprise kan :D

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

haha.. great one.. btw, happy birthday to ur husband.. semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah S.W.T.. amin~

Affieza said...

Happy Birthday to your husband..

Pala Maldini said...

Happy bday Mr Khairul.. may all your wishes come true!

ICA said...

Happy birthday Mr K. Wow, what a lovely poem by your smokin hot wife. I am sure you are proud of her as she is of you....

Syigim said...

>> kak linda, abg matnor pun mac baby ka...sure ambitious n suma benda nk cepat ni! haha :P

since his younger bro & mom are here, diorang blanja tgif :)

>> ica, poem je la yg i bole kasi. free of charge! hihi...

Syigim said...

kak arin, zulaikha, affieza, pala maldini ~ thanks for the well wishes & doa.


FiDa@aMiDa said...

happy birthday Mr K..wow lovely poem to from beloved wife cayalah gim!

Mommy Fara said...

sweetnye....hepi belated besday to ur hubby!

Anonymous said...

Aslmkm Syigim.
Couldnt make it yesterday dear. So I drop by 2day to wish ur hubby:
Salute U 4 loving ur hubby the person he is. Dats the right thing 2do.

Syigim said...

>> thanks fida... poem je la bole kasi... nk buat bday kek buh strawberry cantik2 tak reti hihihihihi..

>> thanks mommy fara! :)

Syigim said...

salam kak G, thanks for dropping a wish :) ameen to that!

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