Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stevie Wonder in Abu Dhabi

this is not even a hint anymore. it’s not even a suggestion. it’s an aggressive directive measure to ensure i get to see one of the most brilliant singers in soul music.

go buy me a ticket NOW! ok, *please*. love you hihi.



please, honey! pretty please with cherry on top! *blink blink*

while i wait, here’s a clip to entertain me haha, and you fans out there! i think, his most famous song is ‘i just called to say i love you’ and also the popular choice of american idol’s contestants ‘signed, sealed, deliver’ – but here’s one of MY favorites - ‘for once in my life’. this clip is an uber-classic perfomance by a young stevie wonder. (he’s 60 now!).

growing up blind shortly after birth, he is truly a musical genius – one of favorite R&B singers (among babyface, boyz to men, blackstreet, and tevin campbell).

many, many many great singers have sang covers of this song which include the temptations, tony bennet, michael bubble, sinatra and the fantastic ella fitzgerald – but stevie’s version is the best! enjoy!



for once in my life I have someone who needs me
someone I've needed so long
for once, unafraid, I can go where life leads me
and somehow I know I'll be strong

for once I can touch what my heart used to dream of
long before I knew
someone warm like you
would make my dreams come true
for once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me
not like it's hurt me before
for once, I have something I know won't desert me
i'm not alone anymore
for once, I can say, this is mine, you can't take it
as long as I know I have love, I can make it
for once in my life, I have someone who needs me


* * *


Pp (Pak Pin) said...

I am a fan ~!
"Ohhhh isn't she wonderfullllll" one of my favorites of all time!

Ermayum said...

hi dear salam
thanks drop by ermayum and caught me using your photos hehe- beautiful photo - u should watermark it :)

Syigim said...

>> pakpayne, i wish i can sing that song to a daughter one day! insyaAllah! :)

>> ermayum, it's ok. no biggie :) malas nk watermark le tu haha

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