Thursday, March 10, 2011

TGIF Dubai Mall : Nice View of Dancing Fountain

there are 2 places i know where you can dine in view of the world’s tallest building burj khalifa, while you enjoy the light, music and water ‘show’ of the ‘dancing fountain’ :

  1. the row of restaurants on the LG floor of dubai mall, the dancing fountain side (one of the restaurants i tried was ‘wafi gourmet’, with my in-laws. click here for my review)
  2. souk al-bahar, an arabesque shopping mall with waterside cafes (one of the cafes i tried was ‘shakespeare cafe’, with my sisters syida and azi. click here to read our experience there)


for those not in the know, the ‘dancing fountain’ opposite the world’s largest mall, dubai mall is no regular fountain. it has the highest shooting fountain in the world, with a play on awesome music and the brightest lights than can be seen from miles.

the shooting water moves with the music, hence the name ‘dancing fountain’.


me. hihi. behind me is the base of the tallest building in the world


well, we just found a great spot to see all these wonderful landmarks, while eating delicious yummies at *affordable* price.

i say ‘affordable’ because though you can see the fountain from the line of posh restaurants at the LG floor right in front of the fountain (wafi gourmet, fusion restaurants – to name a few) and at the souk al-bahar (also another upscale spot with posh cafes) – this place that we found is just your average american diner, with ‘cheaper’ cheeseburgers and sodas!




teh. behind my sister-in-law is ‘souk al-bahar’, with a bridge connecting dubai mall



burj khalifa. too tall for my lense!


the peach building is dubai mall, with the fountain in front and the burj khalifa on the side. setting sebijik macam suria klcc, fountain and our twin towers kan?



the ‘calm’ fountain before the show starts, and in the next picture, the shooting fountain that dances with the music and light. fantastic show!


the dancing fountain starts at 6pm, with consecutive shows every 30 minutes. so if you really want to sit, eat and enjoy – come around 5pm (because it’ll be full by 5.30) and book a seat on the balcony to get a good view!

eat slowly and wait till 6pm when the show starts. sit for 3-4 more shows, and then be considerate to leave the table for other people, okay! hihi.


kazim enjoying the ‘dancing fountain’


* * *




oh, why were we at TGIF? it’s a treat for mr. khairul’s birthday from his younger brother angah. thanks bro! i had cheeseburger. nyum. but i think chilis make better cheeseburgers, and the best is surely from fuddruckers!

TGIF dubai mall is on the 2nd level, waterfront atrium. it’s above dean & deluca cafe.


CikLilyPutih said...

suker dancing fountain tuh, cantik lah

Pala Maldini said...

nice view.. bila lah boleh gi agaknya..

Mommy Fara said...

seronoknya....untung yg dpt pegi ke negara org, yg kat msia nie (mcm sy)...bilelah gamaknye dpt g ek?

Anonymous said...

perasaan membuak2 nak melihat negara org tetiba. cantiknya view!!

Syigim said...

>> cik lily, mmg lawa & no two shows are the same. ade satu kali tu ikut lagu hindustan lagi. sure u suka ni hahaha

>> pala maldini, dulu air asia fly here, rm500 dah bole pegi blk. now no more la too bad

Syigim said...

>> mommy fara, alhamdulillah. dpt la tgk negara org. tp malaysia tetap di hati. sabah swak pun blom sampai lagi! :)

>> eis, cantik kan! kat dubai ni xde view semulajadi yg lawa (nature). cuma kalau suka bangunan tinggi2 n moden, dubai is the place :)

hud aikara said...


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