Thursday, March 24, 2011

Choosing a Name for Your Baby

kazim is turning ONE soon. 1st april. how time flies.

i read with deep interest and great amusement the article written by mommy lyna in her blog, mysuperkids. she just delivered her 3rd baby boy (welcome to the 3-boys club, mommy!) and she wrote about how she picked out names for her boys, and what creative and lovely names they are! click here to read the interesting article.

i have three boys too.

Khaleef, Kahfi and Kazim.

first of all, i’ve always wanted my kids’ name to have alliteration with their bapak’s name – khairul. hence the search for any names that start with ‘K’.

secondly, since their bapak’s name is just one single word – khairul – so we decided to give the boys one single name too. no need to complicate matters with a string of names – like mine!

with all our 3 boys, i will be the one searching for names, shortlist my favorites, present it to the big boss – and mr. khairul will pick and choose. yes, he has the last say, but any name he ends up choosing is fine by me because they’re already shortlisted as my favorites.



* * *


 khaleef khairul

this was an easy one. because he was the first, the K names are in abundant and all up for grabs. we wanted a name that has a good meaning in arabic, sounds cute, and modern. among the classic, traditional ‘khalid’, ‘karim’ and ‘kasim’ – we found ‘khaleef’.

it means khalifah, and how apt we thought to name our first born khaleef, so he may lead his younger siblings to good manners, respect for the elderly and upholding islamic values.



 kahfi khairul

for our second boy, we turned to the names of the quranic surah for inspiration. we found surah al-kahf, that tells of the youths at the cave, hiding from a tyrannical king. the story is very inspiring and shows the greatness of Allah. the surah itself carries tremendous goodness, recommended to be read every friday night.

we hope kahfi emulates the goodness of his namesake, and live up to its glory.

(err, right now we have yet to see either one! haha)


kazim khairul

again, we look at muslim names that start with ‘K’. this took a longer time since we’re running out of ‘K’ names that fit our favor! after a long search, we settled for ‘kazim’. in fact, the morning after kazim was born, we asked teh my sis-in-law to double-check with her arab lecturers about the meaning of the name.

kazim means ‘the controller of anger’ – senang cakap, cool la haha. i love the grandeur in the sound of that name, and the simplicity of its meaning. he was born right as the sun reaches the peak of the sky, near noon – so orang kata kepala angin lahir tengah-tengah hari ni! but hopefully with that name, it may balance things out haha.

* * *

how did you choose your kids’ names? and who, between the two of you decide on the name? hmm, i have a few girl names that start with ‘K’ – i hope i can actually use it one day…or should our daughter’s name start with an ‘S’ instead?


* * *

oh, in the meantime – countdown to kazim’s 1st birthday this 1st april. horay.


ICA said...

My dear, I geram sangat tengok kahfi's picture tuuu..he is sooo cheeky. senyum sampai tak nampak bijik mata langsung. And Kazim dah nak tumbuh gigi?? Of course, Khaleef control macho...ever ready to pose for the camera. The are adorable boys, syigim.

Btw, you tau kot my criteria for naming my girls...I choose. Ujang follow..hehehe. But all in all, I doakan you dpt jugak naming a "K" name for a baby girl one day. InsyaAllah...

Nazirah Sharifuddin said...

he was born right as the sun reaches the peak of the sky, near noon – so orang kata kepala angin lahir tengah-tengah hari ni! \

hoiiiiii terase tauuu. i lahir tengahari! oooo cakap azi kepale angin! humph!

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

tak penah pk nk ade sama huruf ngan bapaknya,tp janji maknanya baik and senang disebut n sedap di dgr.. hehe.. tp my son dh dh sama syed ngan papa nya so ok la.. hehe..

aDyLLa OmaR said...

wah da nak masuk 1 year da kazim. cepat je masa berlalu~ ewahh.

Mama Safiyyah said...

cute....i always enjoy your writings syigim......

my kids' name were chosen by both of us jugak.....hubby would suggest and i would agree/disagree....we wanted it to start with S...and since Safiyyah's considered a miracle baby after what we went thru during pregnancy, we thot it suits her well as it means 'pure'.....

as for sufyan, we wanted it to be S and F......and my hubby wants to be known as abu sufyan :-)

now thinking of names for number 3 ;-)

Mommy Fara said...

3 superhero awak sgt comel dan handsome! saya nak jugak superhero or superheroin ramai-ramai....

Pala Maldini said...

for a girl I always wanted to be starting with "Nurul" and "Ahmad" for a boy. During baby naming process, I had shortlisted 3 but my fav is "Nurul Jannah" translated into "Cahaya Syurga"

But, my wife do have different opinion and by consensus it end up "Nurul Farhanah". On the way to register the name, my wife call and suggested that "Nurul" change to "Nurin" for whatever reason that only she knows.. which of the same meaning of "Cahaya".

Therefore, it is "Nurin Farhanah" translated into "Cahaya Kegembiraan"

And, the rest is history..

paish said...

salam. ur boys bole masuk iklan gigi la..he3. Ours hv short name too. Ikut 'S' papanye.. Suhail, Syakir n Safiya :)

Syigim said...

>> ica, yah that's his signature smile! senyum xnmpak mata - exactly like his bapak! :P

thanks for the doa, ica. insyaAllah. ameeeeen!!! :)

>> azot, ye la kepala angin. suka makan angin. haha hoho. xpe la gang ngan kazim :P

Syigim said...

>> zulaikha, betul. tu mmg criteria penting : maksud baik & senang dijerit2 nk panggil balik makan. "khaleeeeffffff!!!!!" haha :)

>> dylla, cepat masa berlalu kan. tiba2 kang dah nak masuk uni :)

Syigim said...

>> yeen, are you pregnant!!!! apsal i xperasan in facebook ke blog ke ape ke! ke aku yg ketinggalan ni!! nways, congrats if u are... :)

interesting..your hubby wants to be known as 'abu sufyan' thus the name for ur 2nd born.. 1st time dgr camni! :)

>> mommy fara, thanks! :D alhamdulillah. but right now i'm just wishing for a heroin next! :)

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, nurul jannah or nurin farhanah, 2-2 namanya sedap. maybe can keep the name 'nurul jannah' for nurin's sister ;)

wah, last minute pun bole tuka ye :) ade la tergerak hati tu...

>> paish, jom join gang nama-pendek! hihi. senang kan. i like the name syakir.. :)

arin said...

syigim ,
waktu mengandung hanum, dha pasang angan-angan i want my bbay ( if lelaki ) dinamakan sufian harith. then keluar nak jugak pangkal S H nama dia sufiah hanum.

then the second time, pasnag angan-angan lagi . tapi keluar gegirl gak. takmo S H . so end up zara aliyah .

third ones, finally kak arin bleh guna nama Sufian Harith .

the fourth one, maybe pangkal Z A pulak ..ehheheh..

Ermayum said...

wow semua heroes :) and beautiful names they have indeed bila nak dapatkan heroin?:)

w write about my children name here
tak tau la complicated ke simple semua i pelih but mr hub got to approve lah :)

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, cun jgk selang2 mcm tu. ;) hmm... ZA boy's name byk nama sedap2 - zarith ashraf? zayd akiff? hahaha... memandai je si syigim nih :P

>> ermayum, that's why la im wondering when can i finally use the K name for girls ;)

OMG your children's names pun suma sedap2 sweet2 :) 'rafhannah' is unique! 1st time dgr :)

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