Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kazim’s Early Birthday Bash

kazim is turning ONE! but not yet okay. his birthday is 1st april actually but we’re having an advanced birthday bash to include mr. khairul’s mom. her flight back to malaysia is in a few days time so she can’t make it if we did it on the 1st.

happy be-early birthday, special agent kazim!

* * *

here’s 10 fun-facts happening during kazim’s birthday bash :

fun fact #1 : first guest to arrive was fauziah and hubby fairoz. i think during a raya makan-makan, they’re the ones to arrive first too! i was very glad because she’s a close gal pal here in dubai and it’s nice to warm things up with chit chats with the lovely couple; someone i can consider a sister rather that ‘just’ guests.

take it as a compliment, fauziah dear!


with fauziah and the kiddos singing the ‘happy birthday song’


* * *

fun fact #2 : what’s with the ‘special agent kazim’ nick? special agent oso is kazim’s favorite cartoon! when he was much younger, he naturally joined his brothers in watching whatever’s on at disney channel or cartoon network. we noticed he only reacts when ‘special agent oso’ is on!

he boogies to the catchy theme song. and watched with mouth open the rest of the ‘spy’ show. ouuuuttttstanding!




fun fact #3 : as usual we ordered a ‘special agent oso’ cake from our regular dubai baker, fida! what flavor? nothing else – it has always been carrot almond cake with cream cheese! we requested for simple deco fit for a boy and she delivered it perfectly!

well done, fida! click here to see her other creativity, and order your own cake from her homemade bakery.

* * *


fun fact #4 : we ordered delicious briyani from najaf, together with its signature dish, the mutton dry fry. excellent.

mr. khairul’s mom made a yummy bubur kacang, and the green agar-agar. yum!




mutton dry fry – a big hit of the day!


complimentary veggies


bubur kacang


green jellies


* * *


fun fact #5 : there were more than 50 guests who came, and we appreciate it very much. nothing gives us joy than watching empty tummies filled with yummies we served, and hearty conversations with loud laughter filling the air. the best quote i heard from a guest was :

lady 1 : eh, lama tak jumpa kan? bila last time kita jumpa ye?

lady 2 : kat sini lah. kat rumah khairul la. mana lagi kita jumpa kan. khairul kan suka buat makan-makan.

that alone made me smile. it just gives me a warm feeling knowing that this humble home is a meeting place for old friends. *smile*.



* * *


fun fact #6 : cendol? in dubai? well, thanks to the popular kelantanese couple abe nik and eiyda, our guests enjoyed cool cendol that day! so sweet of them to bring their homemade cendol all the way from their sharjah home to dubai marina.

it was really a sweet surprise, and we welcome more in the future! haha. we can never thank them enough!



yes, the green cendol bits? they made it from scratch! impressive!


* * *


fun fact #7 : mr. khairul’s most amusing story for his guests that day had to be his story about being in iraq, yet not quite. haha. yes, i still can’t believe that he had actually flown to iraq and back!



mr. khairul entertaining his guests with his infamous iraq story!


* * *


fun fact #8 : as usual, one-on-one pose with the ladies before they went back. i didn’t get a picture with kak zaida, kak mira, kak misbah, rosma, srija and feeza – but you’re in my heart, ladies! thanks for coming!


010411_kazim bday - Copy

from top right : fida (who made the ‘oso’ cake), eiyda (who brought the cendol), elisa, kak nani and kak riri, with kak su & her japanese-anime daughter, with kak linda, kak nani, with dear fauziah and my dear kak muna




* * *


fun fact #9 : the day is incomplete without a de-boxing of presents – AKA opening of presents! kazim’s big brothers abang long khaleef and abang ngah kahfi gladly volunteered in tearing out wrapping papers to find out what’s inside.



mind you, although the boys seemed rough and eager, they were being very very gentlemen about it – they asked permission to open presents every time they grab a new wrapped presents. they were very excited, but they were very polite too.

well done, boys.

and as usual, only 3 of the toys were actually allowed to be opened and played with. the rest will be for keeps, until further notice. hah, in fact, there are still some more of khaleef’s presents from his november birthday bash that are unopened!

make it more priceless to them, people!


* * *


fun fact #10 : with all the new toys around him, you would think he can’t wait to get his hands on one of them. and yet, at the end of the day, what did birthday boy play with?



an empty toy BOX. yeap. a BOX. no toys inside. just an empty box. sigh. sometimes they prefer the simplest things…

oh, well. we’re continuing the countdown to your 1st birthday, kazim. 1st of april is drawing near!


Affieza said...

Byknya Kazim dpt hadiah..seronok2..hehe

Sparkly Sharky said...

Happy birthday Kazim, what a nice party!
Enjoy playing with your toys.

Pala Maldini said...

wow! banyak hadiah tu..

amirah said...

hehehe..itu fact yg sgt2 la true..beli toys sket punya byk, last2 my son would end up main pinggan, tupperware, boxes..i guess benda2 'hidup' lagi best kut!

amirah said...

oh..auntie forgor to wish kazem dearie, happy belated 1st birthday.

adyllbbs said...

meriah and banyak presents~

hehe. klaka la yang last tu. end up main ngan kotak kosong je ek~ cute kazim~ xD

Syigim said...

>> affieza, mmg byk tapi xbole bukak semua ok. bukak sebulan satu. haha :P

>> lil sharky, thanks for the wish :) wish tu sepatutnya enjoy 'making a mess with your toys!' hihi

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, byk hadiah tp tengok je ye. bulan depan baru boleh bukak & main satu-persatu :P smlm cuma bukak 3 je ;)

>> amirah, betul! maybe diorang ni attracted to benda2 yg hari2 kita pun guna. so diorang sgt curious n nk belek2 benda yg sama ;)

Syigim said...

dylla, mmg lawak. dah beria2 bukak one toy yg dia mungkin enjoy, last2 kotak kosong tu yg dia buat main. ceh.

faraherda.razalan said...

amboi, meriah sungguh...

hepi besday to kazim comey!

firahadifa said...

owhhh... i pon plan nak wat birthday for farrihin this coming may , nak order juga .. briani yg u order tu how ? review plz ?? i ingat nk order kat tawassol or visitor or afgan khorasan jerk coz itu je yg i tau .
n since portion diorang ni besar kan.. how u agak berapa byk for 50 org makan ??

* hubby u ke iraq ? hubby u keje matrade. no ?

yatie chomeyl said...

all the foods surely looks yummy especially the cendol. tiba2 rasa nak buat jugak * entah bila tak tahu la* eheh

Syigim said...

>> mommy fara, alhamdulillah duk jauh2 ni pun ade kawan2 yg nk memeriahkan majlis :) thanks for the wish :)

>> yatie cute, pandai buat cendol sendiri ke? bagusnya!!! kita ni harapkan org je la buatkan hihi ;)

Syigim said...

firahadifa, i penah buat review psl najaf briyani here -->

mmg sedap, n this is 3rd time kitorang order frm najaf. senang bcoz they provide skali bekas2 suma.

tawasol is of course my TOP favorite!!! cuma kalau xnak nasi mandi n u want briyani, i suggest go for najaf!

if you nk order for 50, baik ckp je for 30 sbb yes - portion arab ni besa!

good luck planning the bday party ye :)

(no, my hubby bukan matrade ;)

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