Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcoming Dr. Safira to Dubai

it’s a small world after all!

safira was my schoolmate back in MGS ipoh, and her husband was mr. khairul’s classmate back in penang free school. and here we all are, 2-3 kids after – in dubai!

they were here on transit from london, meeting another ‘gang member’ of ours; niraku!


us in front of atlantis


after a hearty nasi mandi meal at my place, we brought them jalan-jalan at the usual places in dubai; burj al-arab, jumeirah mosque and of course – the palm jumeirah – world’s biggest man-made island. we took pictures in front of the atlantis, where paklah stayed during his visit here in dubai.


penang free boys – ashraf & khairul (..or acap and kay!) catching up

with dr safira, her eldest ainul mardiah, and my 2nd kahfi in front of burj al-arab


* * *


our eldest kiddos – ainul mardiah & khaleef khairul


and of course, a trip to dubai is incomplete without seeing for yourself the world’s tallest building – the burj khalifa! we took pictures, had ice-cream (thanks safira for the treat!) and visited dubai aquarium as well.


ice-cream time! courtesy of dr. safira. the last lower right photo is of safira & her youngest daughter ainul munirah


us @ the dubai aquarium – yes, one of the biggest!


* * *




interesting fact #1 : my eldest boy khaleef, and safira’s girl ainul are of the same age.

interesting fact #2 : they were both born on the exact same date : 15th november.

interesting fact #3 : they were born just 1 hour apart.

*smile* safira, if they’re both not married by the age of 40, we just hook them up lah! hahaha.


* * *


it’s so nice when a girlfriend drops by, and not just any friend – and old friend from school. hope you guys had fun! next time stay longer ok! and suruh niraku join sekali from london!


Anonymous said...

15 november 2005, sama dgn my boy :)

amirah said...

u were from MGS?..same wth my sister..why kena tggu sampai umur 40? huhu

Syigim said...

>> eis, ye ke! bole buat club ni hihi. what time? my boy & my friend's daughter ainul tu 2-2 waktu malam :)

>> amirah, your sister MGS batch tahun brapa? kot2 kenal :)

adyllbbs said...

small world after all!!

amirah said...

my sister born in 75 rasanya lah. hua hua hua..tak sure batch mana..but kecik2 dulu selalu melawat dia kat hostel.sgt nostalgic and MGS is super super old..

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