Friday, March 11, 2011

Back to Egypt : Thanks Teh!

teh is going back to egypt tonight!

ms diyana shereen, or fondly known as teh in the family is my sister-in-law. she has been staying with us in dubai for the past 2 months. she came to from cairo to dubai originally to spend the winter holiday, just days before the devastating unrest and demonstrations began in cairo. read about my take on it here.

now weeks after president mubarak stepped down, malaysian students in cairo are already gradually sent back to school. this goes for her too, as classes in cairo university will begin next week. i hope things are getting better, business as usual and most of all SAFE for them to return.


teh : future dentist, insyaAllah!


to me, teh is funny, and smart. keeps silent when she chooses to, yet can be the life of a party. she’s a firm aunty, and a helpful sis-in-law.

i will miss our borak-borak, and having her help around the house especially with the difficult kahfi (who currently in the ‘terrible two’ phase!).



i know she will most definitely miss her favorite nephew, khaleef.



teh and i @ dubai global village. here we are in front of the egypt pavillion


thanks for everything teh.

for bathing the kiddos (and kazim too!), and making toasted waffles for khaleef. for picking him up from the bus after school, and patiently tending to kahfi’s tantrums. and for what little conversations we have had. we will really miss having you around.

be safe in cairo, and always stay in groups! good luck in your studies, and have a fun flight. we’ll see you again when we all come back to malaysia for raya okay!

p/s: by the way, on more than one occasion, people had been telling us that we look alike, and they thought teh was my sister! well, that can only mean one thing : that teh is as super gorgeous as i am! hahaha.


transformed housewife said...

yup she looks like you!

Silent Scribbler said...

A'ah betul tu Syigim. I thought you guys look really alike! :-)

faraherda.razalan said...

hehehehe...kembar ke?

Syigim said...


kak nur, aisha & mommy fara ~ really?

oh well, harap2 jodoh panjang dengan abangnya! ;)


diyana anwar said...

baru ada masa nak komen!

i will miss those things too. well said in my post.

thanks for everything to kak syigim!

Anonymous said...

yang husband kak syigim takder terimer kasih ker?

Syigim said...

>> teh, glad to have you around. kahfi bila tgk book-light tu, he still says "ateh ateh"...

>> honey is that you??? sibuk!

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