Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kazim : His 1st 12 Months

in one week, on 1st april, kazim will turn ONE.

however, i haven’t been fair to my putera bongsu because i haven’t recorded his milestones in this blog, like i did with his elder brother kahfi. sorry dear! so here is a compilation of all his ‘achievements’ – his hits and misses during his entire, first 12 months.


my youngest, kazim


he can walk by 10 months – early walker! (khaleef walks after his 1st bday, and kahfi walks at 11 month)

he eats everything (well, everything edible, that is. takde la sampai kaki meja pun nak makan) from pizza and porridge to nasi mandi to spaghetti, apples and cekodok pisang – anything and everything!

he speaks back to people! haha. this is his most cutest trait. (masa kecik macam ni comel la. kalau dah 13 tahun pun lawan cakap, siap lah! haha) when we speak to him, he will reply in a raised voice; as if he’s speaking back and defending himself, especially when he did something naughty like spilling or making a mess!

dances by shaking his waist left to right, arms in the air.

he absolutely LOVES ‘special agent oso’, he boogies to ‘barney’ and ‘the imagination movers’, and i’m moulding him to be a disney kid too – just like his abang-abang and his mak! his current disney favorite is ‘the bug’s life’. ternganga tengok!

he can comb his own hair. yeap. give him a comb and see him combing his hair. badly, but yes!

simply say “where’s the baby?” and he will reciprocate with closing his face with his palm, and play peek-a-boo with you.

he has a weird fascination with all the cleaning items – mops, brooms and vacuum cleaner.

when he cries particularly because of merajuk (not because lapar or terjatuh), he closes his mouth with his his palm.

i’m almost sure he was already able to pronounce the word ‘hot’!


* * *


today, (26th march 2011) we’re having a mini makan-makan to celebrate his 1st birthday. doing it a week earlier because mr. khairul’s mom will be heading back to malaysia this 29th so tak sempat tunggu sampai 1st april.

kawan-kawan dubai yang mana tak sempat sampaikan jemputan, sila lah datang memeriahkan ye! makan-makan, lepak-lepak, borak-borak!


ICA said...

Syigim, as I am typing this...special agent oso is on tv and I am the only one watching it...(the girls are playing outside)... but point is : we LOVE special agent oso tooo. So kazim boleh geng!

Happy birthday little man. Best wishes from Auni, Aila and Azra to you....kiss..kiss.

FiDa@aMiDa said...

syigim...cepat masa berlalu kan dah setahun kazim..budak kat rumah ni pon OSO...step 1, step2, step3 hehehhe

transformed housewife said...

Kazim is going to be One year old. Happy advance birthday to him. I can imagine when you say, "he talks back". Mesti comei je.

aDyLLa OmaR said...

abaikan komen kat atas. salah tulis. so delete. hehe~

wah sume makan~ baguss.
gud son! =)

happy besday in advance kazim! =)

Syigim said...

>> ica, mama sorang je tgk oso? hihi... tgk dgn azra ye :)

thanks for the early bday with aunty ica! :D

>> fida, mmg rase cpt masa berlalu. hari tu je br bwk dia blk dr hospital. hihi ;)

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, thanks for the wish :) yah, he actually TALKS BACK! naughty boy tu! hihi

>> dylla, thanks for the bday wish :) insyaAllah, good son smpai ke beso nanti! ;) ameeen!

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