Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday, Honey!

mr. khairul turns 30 today. the big three oh. and i'm still youthful 29. at least until june. ha ha.

honey, your beloved mom, dad and siblings have few wonderful words to share on this auspicious day:

the anwars : asrar, angah, along, little sofia, tina and diyana (teh)
"happy birthday. semoga hidup sentiasa diberkati, better future ahead. sembahyang, doa jgn tinggal...mak dan bapak doakan yg terbaik untuk along and family...we love you so much. jaga family elok-elok. "
~mak & bapak

"happy birthday.."
~angah (actually he is unreacheable at the moment, tina suggests i put this wish as this would be his usual wish anyway, also she said mr. khairul and him would have their own personal jokes or wish)

"happy birthday. along tetap kor buse mas utk kitorg. tak kire dah 30 pun, director ke...along will always be along.."

"selamat hari jadi buse kor...happy selalu. cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang always. hehe...politik skit.."

"eh, hari ni b'day along kan?"
~asrar (teringat this morning)

"happy birthday!!!"
~sofia, screaming with joy.

* * *

a glorious future lies ahead

ode to mr. khairul
on his 30th birthday
by syigim

from the hingus days of penang free
bicycle-ride fun and full of glee
to teen-angst years of mckk
maketh and braketh, happy and gay

need to grow need to get more
off to USA a lot is in store
challenges, experience and such he did get
living life full with aint no regret

in ipoh was the chance meeting
love at first sight hearts a-fleeting
5 years later a happy family at hand
two boys are more than he could stand!

from penang to kl the humble days
to awesome dubai now he stays
such a leap for this beach jock
at thirty you still rock!

happy birthday, honey from your beloved wife, sons khaleef and kahfi. we love you very much!

p/s: enjoy your samsung omnia!


The Londoner said...

oooo..rupenye khairul ni pangkat adik pada aku ek....bagus2...terasa tai ka che plaks...hahaha.


May Allah swt grant you happiness and barakah life in this dunya an dthe hereafter, ameen. OK, the hands that rock the cradle can rock the world...but I think the hands that give money to buy the cradle can rock the world as well! You go brother!

Pp said...

"Happy Birthday Khairul!" the most handsome 30 year old from Penang in the whole of UAE!

Have many many more wonderful eyars ahead. You are blessed with a lovey family!

Syigim, you are talented with poetic rhyme and words!

Fauziah said...

that is so sweet..pls wish him for us...come over anytime u r free...

where is the roti canai place la

Syigim said...

thanks niraku...khairul was like, "who the heck is this londoner!!!" hahaha..misteri.. thanks for the lovely u & miss u lots! bila nk dtg dubai lagi? bwk la bell skali...

thanks pakpayne...perasannye dia nanti :P but he really respects you in ur hr field so keep sharing ur words of wisdom to this penang boy.. n thanks for the compliment, i really enjoy poetry once in awhile ;)

ha ha fauziah...since that day u tanya psl roti canai tu! hihi..this roti canai place is near matrade building...nanti i ask khairul d exact location ok.. :)

diyana anwar said...

happy birthday kors! god bless u bro ;)
nnti teh tgk samsung omnia tu, tk tgk lg,,hehe

kak syigim, again..
ur just as good as before!

Fauziah said...

thank u darl...tell me when u guys r free..we can go together...

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