Monday, March 23, 2009

Kahfi : Thr3e Months After

how time flies when you're having fun.
my 2nd born is 3 months old.

today is kahfi's 3rd month with us and what a fantabulous 3 months it was.

kahfi's highlights:

  • when he yawns, he really goes all out - very long yawns, complete with sounds of relief and ultimate relaxation. or boredom. wish you could hear it : huaarrrrggghhhhhhh...
  • he's a fantastically easy baby - he is constant in his sleeping hours. sleeps around 9pm or so, only to wake up once in the middle of the night, and again early in the morning, right at the time mr. khairul sets of to work
  • has become an escape-artist - able to wriggle himself free from being wrapped up in his napkin or blanket. tightly wrapped-up grub by night, arms high up by morning!
  • will smile with a look of pure bliss after each feeding time. adorable little weirdo!
  • doesn't fancy being clamored by overly-affectionate brother and father
  • as many other babies, really enjoys bath time
  • appreciate a good belly rub - starts opening his arms wide and flinging it in pure excitement
  • when relaxed, has the cutest habit of puting his left fist up in the air as he lie down, and then staring at it for some time as if seeing it for the first time... it's pretty intense.

my favorite conversations with him comprises of series of interesting responses:

me : ooo kahfi nak citer? yayang mak nak citer? ye? ye? ye? (in my most annoyingly cute voice! and yes, this has 80% chance of getting the most adorable smile in return!)

kahfi : gooooo.....

me : ooo ok. what happened?

kahfi : gooo...gshhhh gshhh.

me : ye? ye? really? owh, nowwwwhhh! (buldging eyes, exaggerated grin. the works. err, only less creepy than what i had just described)

kahfi : aeeeeee.......aeeeee.....khhhhhh....

me : really? wow! good job, kahfi! (clap! clap!)

and a smile...

what a darling..!


ziah said...

comey nya anak kamu ni...

Syigim said...

tgk le mak dia.. ;)

diyana anwar said...

hahak. kelako je.. ;p

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