Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hujan Batu di Negeri Orang

this happened last night. it was around 9pm and i was in the car with the sleeping boys, waiting for mr. khairul to have a haircut. we were somewhere around bur dubai. everything was fine when it started raining. hurray! i love rainy days and was enjoying the cool view when suddenly it grew heavier.

tu takpe lagi.

now all of a sudden it wasn't fun anymore as i heard a loud thud on the roof of the car. there was another thud after that, and another. soon i was starting to freak out as i heard thuds upon thuds of what sounded like beads of pretty big pebbles thrown against the windshield and the roof! it was so loud that i was almost afraid that the window might crack!

scared, i tried to call mr. khairul. he didn't pick up! were we parked next to a building under construction? nope! it was the rain. when i felt much safer, i investigated closer and saw tiny white crystal-like stones on the sunroof and the windshield!

amused, i said to myself, "it's freaking snowing in dubai!"

the view from inside the car - notice the thuds and the little white beads?

later on, mr khairul also experienced a commotion as the mamak gunting rambut joined his pals outside to take a look, and exclaimed the same thing in jest. "'s snowing!"

gulfnews reported the last night's hail stones and heavy rain, which is expected to happen during the next few days too. it's more fun to read the comments section - you'd see how very appreciative and thankful the people in dubai to see rain, especially the ones like "diamond"!

hujan batu di negeri orang ye, literally!


ziahcomey said...

hujan batu di subang jaya pun pernah jugak. scary ok?! aku ingatkan ada org baling batu kat atas bumbung...

Syigim said...

aku mmg xpenah rasenye xperience hujan batu yg betul2 ketul batu! so ni mmg quite an xperience..

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