Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quirky Lessons For My Boys

people say 'no man is an island'
actually every man is an island.
it's just that, once in awhile, hold parties, or dinner dates
invite people to your 'island' when you feel like it
otherwise, enjoy your time alone.
it's ok.

appreciate nature and notice the littlest thing around you.
the shape of the cloud or the lines in the sand as you walk by.
a pebble in your shoe.
ants in a row.
bees buzzing.
trees swaying.

(but it's ok to spray the flies in our house coz it's driving mak crazy!)

let your eyes be your guide, but ask your heart for the answers.
if you can't find in any
there's always me.
or google.

(but never go ask bapak for advice on girls)

the world is a sea of opportunities
and don't worry
i will always be your float
or your banana boat.

never turn your back on someone, you never know when you might need them
unless you're leaving a room
in which case walking backwards is a weird option.

it's okay to monkey around once in a while.
everybody needs time to be goofy.
just not in public.

finally, my son
keep your feet on the ground..

..and keep reaching for the stars!

be your own superhero!

love always,
your mak.

model : khaleef khairul
location : beach @ jumeirah beach residence, dubai marina


mama danial said...

wow....bestnya baca..sangat kreatif! shots taken are nice too...if only i could write poem like this for danial..*sigh*

Pp said...

nice! very nice....

ps: i linked ur blog in

Syigim said...

thanks mama danial! shots suma accidental! :P i kumpul2 and realized bole buat citer.. ;) you feel as much for danial, you can write anything for him... :)

thanks pakpayne!'s an honor to be linked to your blog! ;)

diyana anwar said...

a veeerrryyy nice one!

check out these postings too!

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