Saturday, March 14, 2009

Syida's Birthday Siesta

happy birthday!!!

today my sister syida celebrates her birthday. she was born after syima and before my youngest sister, azi. as a kid she's as quirky as she is today. rubbing her nose off an imaginary cockroach (as well as urging us to run away from it), snoozed off while she ate her maggi-in-my-mug and many more that i'd risk getting sued should i decide to put it up here.

syida on that yucky trip to china that i wasn't a part off!

like so many other people, syida is a hoot among siblings but prefers to keep to herself with others. however, in the words of my aunty mak keh - "kadang-kadang buat lawak tu boleh tahan jugak!" her stars shine brighter when she enrolled in UM and i can see her enjoying herself sociallizing while showing off her true rainbow colors.

i envy the fact that she gets more and more adventurous with each passing year, recently going backpacking to singapore with her girlfriends by train. oh, to be single and free!

among my siblings, i can say that she and i share the most common traits and likes. that's why we share a room back home in ipoh. (yong, the eldest has a room of her own, of course and syima shared a room with azi) cool movie posters adorned the walls - the x-files's 'i want to believe' on my side, and an imposing 'lord of the rings' poster on hers.

we both read stephen king and roald dahl; and discuss books together. sorry i took your roald dahl omnibus to dubai - just be thankful i wasn't tempted to take your LOTR and 'five peeps you meet in heaven'! *grin*

my youngest sis azi & syida : best of friends!

we both have tendency to write more in english and i enjoy her short, simple writings in her blog. check it out here. our ym and skype sessions are what i look forward to often as it keeps me sane on a mundane dubai day.

syida is a lot of things to me, but most of all she gets me where some people are still sratching their heads on. we are 6 years apart in age, yet we can connect very well at so many levels. most of the time she understands me, and at times even play the mature sister when i'm in the mood to be goofy - or cheer me up when she sensed my off-mood.

something she did with our shots taken while we were holidaying in dubai circa 20o4

currently in melbourne finishing up her masters in international finance, syida is perhaps celebrating her birthday with what she love best - having a fine siesta during a perfect rainy day.

*yawn*. zzzzzzzzz.

have a good one, sis and i'll see you soon.

love always,

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