Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bits and Snips

i'm missing a cockroach.

don't ask.

the *help* i get so far are from *concerned* friends erika and shah. they're so hilarious on my facebook i just had to put it up here.

just for laughs on a wednesday. you made my day, guys...

* * *

mr. khairul sporting his precious mckk tie

do you know that on wednesdays, the boys from the malay college kuala kangsar wear their ties to work? back in malaysia, mr. khairul never fails to wear his to work on a wednesday. in dubai however, wearing ties does not seem to be the norm so he only wears it on special occasion, should it fall on a wednesday.

any other malay college old boys who still wear their ties to work? please, let me know so that i can be sure my dearest husband is one of the *normal* ones...

some people just cannot let go. sigh.

well, now you know.

* * *

on a happy happy note, the best birthday wish to my crazee cousin, yaya. how old are you anyway? since i'm nice enough to have this little spot in my blog just for your birthday wish today, be sure to help me remind your beloved mak to prepare:

  1. nasi tomato
  2. ayam masak merah
  3. kuey teow goreng
  4. puding roti

..when i come back this july!

me & yaya @ a black and white party before mr. khairul left for dubai

* * *

my nephews haiqal and haqeem (7 and 6 year old) have started their taekwando lessons. how cute is that! when khaleef and kahfi come back this july, the boys can berguru with their abangs. given a choice i really want them to do fencing (ewah) - it's so regal and has an edwardian charm to it. or else silat - macho gile!

if i'm not mistaken, mr. khairul himself was short of a level to a black belt - whatever that means. he's really into aikido now and i can see it's a more mellow art - less attacking and more defending. martial art untuk orang yang taknak cari gaduh!

i like to watch martial arts - but no prize for guessing whether i'll join any classes soon!

haiqal and haqeem in action!

* * *

my youngest sister azi opened up a food stall selling hotdogs and sandwiches at her college in upm, i think it's for the entrepreneur subject..? one day, just for fun, without looking at the time or whatever, i sent her an sms all the way from dubai,

"psst, hotdog satu, dik. mayonis kasi lebih ye. bawang xnak. cepat sikit ye dik."

and when she got that she was really at the stall selling her foodstuff! i wasn't even thinking that she would actually be there when i sent the sms. in her own words, "..berdebar-debar!" ha ha. it's like i was watching her from afar...

so how was the sales?

* * *

mr. khairul's sister teh will be getting her SPM result soon. a few days more? two days away? tomorrow? whatever the outcome, remember that you've done your best - no regrets - don't look back! harness your efforts for the future now! buzz us when you get the *good* news, ok?

* * *

watch this space for more news all over!

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