Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Stroll Along Dubai Marina

fancy a walk?

one fine saturday, after a refreshing siesta, mr. khairul decided it was that time again to embrace dubai marina's pedestrian-friendly streets and lanes (minus the awful constructions happening left and right). we've walked to 'the walk' before but never tried walking all the way to the dubai marina mall.

read about our first time there, here.

no wonder it's called the new york of the middle east!

first, we walked along this safe walkway with waist-length stone walls separating the main road from the walkway. it's wide enough for cyclist to paddle along as well as joggers to breeze by. then we passed the marina. magical view of the calm marina water reflecting lights from the buildings.

the stunning marina

clothed in our most lepak gears, we trotted on towards the dubai marina mall. ala dekat macam rumah abah to medan gopeng. too far? ok lah! last time, when i feel like it, i just walk back home when the plusliner bus dropped me at the bus-stop in medan gopeng. other times, abah would pick me up.

and do you know my pal wani and i once walked from my abah's apartment in ttdi to OU? yup. walked. once in a while. try it!

after walking along the pedestrian walkway and passing the marina, we walked past the dubai marina yacht club. there's some makan place here which we have yet to try.

the weather was wonderful too. windy but not to the point of shivers down our spines. it's like malaysia on a cool night. however, on the way back the wind was a real scream! we had to remind khaleef to close his eyes as he sat in the stroller to avoid dust from going into his eyes.

awesome, awesome sights of shimmering lights.
upon the calm waters,
upon the streets,
upon the night.

*we planned to go on a walk again but mr. khairul is going for the ceramah @ pakpayne's house tonight. so it's just me and the boys during earth hour. lets switch off people! a little goes a long way...


Arin said...

wonder ek depa panggil new york..mmg nampak meletups with the lampu2 semua .. cantik..
one fine day, bila turn kitaorg ke abu dhabi hopefully leh jumpe syigim..

diyana anwar said...

i've been there! penah g sane! tu mar nam ke (bahasa bangla yg maksud nye, whats ur name..mmg tkde kaitan).! hee ;p

jeff said...

>> dubai looks so modern nowadays...
>> view is superb...

Syigim said...

kak arin - jom jom...jom pi dubai! ;) lepak dubai marina jom!

teh - eleh eleh teh..bole le ek ye hihi

bro jeff - when was the last time you went to dubai? you should come back, ok! jemput dtg umah! :)

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