Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In The Kitchen With Khaleef : Popiah


did you enjoy my mom's 'movie talk' show? boring, eh? she talks too much, eh? well, you should see me, then. my name is khaleef and i'll be your host today.

ok. ape yang kecik daripada kuman?

bulu hidung kuman!

ok, no that you're entertained, let's move on!

i was helping mak make the popiah!

mak first made for me the inti or filling using minced meat, potatoes, onions and curry powder. mak's mom used to make this popiah with this filling or a vegetable popiah comprises of sengkuang, egg and mix vege filling.

these are the popiah skin. flimsy pieces which, after fried, makes lovely crunchy sounds when you take a bite. wonderful symphony of crackles!

when spreaded nicely on a plate, i began dumping little bit of filling on top. put in the far corner of the square filling because, erm, it looks good. hmm. taste good you can even eat it on its own. pedas!

next, i folded the skin to wrap the filling inside. mak folded it into a cylinder-like shape but i prefer my own cool way - just sort off press and penyek and smudge it until you can't see the filling anymore. cool art!

finally dip the tip of the skin of the folded popiah into the egg mix. glue properly and then place nicely on a plate. you can stack 'em up to make a house or something. but mak would stop me even before i get to the roof...

when bapak comes home later, i can fry some for him! yum!


Arin said...

boleh harap ye anak bujang nih..:)

Syigim said...

molek dijadikkan menantu ye, kak arin? hihihi

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