Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh, Horror! Horror!

wadaya know, it's friday the 13th.


ok. bad attempt at being scary.
you don't believe in those stuff do you?

horror movies
foxmovies is celebrating it by airing interview with the vampire and bram stoker's dracula back to back. coolness. i absolutely love those two movies. read my vampire poem here.

although the dead-pan keanu reeves should not have been part of the awesome classic dracula, but i'll forgive him for the devilish charm that is gary oldman's dracula. he is super-sexy as the count (next to brad pitt's vampire, of course). his carefully enunciated speech, his debonair disposition - the works! he made me want to be the count's bride...

however none is comparable to asian ghost movies - thai's nang nak still haunts me. when she elongated her arms to pick up what she has dropped, and the husband saw her what she is - brr! meremang! not to mention korean ghost stories. bravo on the scare factor! mr. khairul said they were the pioneers of spooky scenes where the ghost creeps up or down stairs in that awkward crawling...

and how about malaysia's own pontianak harum sundal malam? what freaks me out is still the scenes where the pontianak bertenggek on the chair as one of the lady-character holds her baby...oh, and i don't care what people kutuk about zombie kampung pisang - i actually enjoyed the unintended or intentional goofiness of the whole thing! and didn't they shoot the movie at your kampung lalang, honey?

horror story books
when it comes to horrors, count me in. i can't tell people enough how much i enjoy reading ghost stories, tales of terrifying hauntings and strange encounters.

i don't just read horror stories, i devoured them. i let the words drip out slow like near-congealed blood as i read 'em out in loud whispers in the middle of the night - under a blanket - with a torchlight. read about my books here.

it by the master of horror storytelling - stephen king - is my all-time favorite horror story. it's not the scariest book i've read but i like it because it has a lot of other elements that makes it very believable. it's not merely a ghost story, souls rising from the dead and such - it's more about friendship, facing your worst nightmare and standing up for yourself.

i've read it numerous times and still the story moves me with its engaging characters, scares me with its vivid descriptions and taunts me with its haunting imageries. the first time i finished reading it i felt really sad, it's like saying goodbye to friends you've been through thick and thin with - i feel their joy, their pain, their fear - the book is pretty thick and i got really attached to the characters as they went through the frightening ordeal of facing their worst fear - It.

exorcist is another goose-bump-hair-raising tale of terror. it's not a story of ghost and goblins. nor is it about haunted houses and creepy noises in the attic. it's about evil itself. this book creeps me up like no other book can.

everybody knows the story - and if you don't - why?! but it's not just about the story of an innocent girl possesed and the grotesque transformation that takes place - but blatty weaved the words in such a way that he was able to scare the reader in short, simple sentences.

"whenever the priest move, regan would follow," is enough to bring chill down my spine - you can imagine a sinister looking young girl with piercing yellowish eye, grinning maliciously with an occasional hiss - her stares follow the priest as he moves - wonderfully wicked!

* * *

they ask me:

"kalau ko takut sangat buat ape baca!"

i enjoy being scared.
it's the adrenaline rush.

some people bungee jump. some people watch speed car-chase. some people join paintball clubs. some people play prince of persia on their xbox.

i read horror stories.

what's that?

oh, it's--
it's prob--probably noth---


..then an endless shriek.


Anonymous said...

budak kolet takut "green lady".
budak PFS takut "hantu Pinhorn".
lights off!!

Pp said...

Owhhh....peminat cerita hantu rupanya....

tulis lah satu 'cerpen seram' in ur blog...boleh kami tumpang baca!

try laa...sambung jer from the ending of this entry tadi tu...

mother of two said...

nang nak tu mmg horror. tapi dalam pada takut ader gak sedih...lagi2 bab dia panggil laki dia tu..kan..kan..kan....

Syigim said...

sape la plak budak kolet anonymous ni. nyibuk je nk citer antu dia... :P

pakpayne, masa skola dulu i did write a few...nanti la korek2 boxes tu tgk ade jumpe tak... ;)

sheila..nang nak mmg sad story - dia jadi antu pun psl dia xnak let the husband go kan...sayang sgt..

diyana anwar said...

teh bace tk smpai 5 bab pun exorcist tu
introduction die agak mem-bosan-kan.

buat i did read d novel ahadiat akashah (i forgot d name)..
tu tak takut ke??

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