Saturday, March 21, 2009

Husna : 1 Year Old Tomorrow!

just the other day we celebrated her big taiko's birthday and now it's her turn to blow one candle on the cake - husna will hit one year old tomorrow!

  • husna is my second niece after cuya
  • anak bongsu & only girl (so far) of my eldest sis yong
  • the 5th grandchild of my abah
  • born on the same year as kahfi - 2008

born 'nur aisyah husna', if i'm not mistaken the beautiful name is a suggestion made by husna's gramma (abg mat's mom) before she passed away not too long ago. al-Fatihah. khaleef couldn't pronounce husna properly so he ended up with 'nuh-na' and now it's just too cute not to call her nooooonaaaaa..!

nuna with her mama

i cannot tell you about her habits and mannerism because when i left her she was just 7-8 months old. i miss her so much! at that time she wasn't that verbal, and her movements limited to squirming and wriggling like the most adorable little grub ever! hihi.

now she's a pretty butterfly off to find adventures!

little nuna with naughty brothers haiqal and haqeem

happy birthday, husna - the first of many, many, many more happy years to come. abang khaleef and kahfi can't wait to see you!

love always,
auntie gim


Arin said...

hepi bday husna!

Yong said...

thanks for the post on at 1 dia dah pandai jalan...dah pandai tunjuk kalau nak barang...pandai jerit2 kalau tak dpt barang tu...and dah mula nampak stress dengan abang2 dia yang every single seconds usik dia...

compared to her brothers, dia malu dengan orang...susah sikit nak ngan orang...hopefully bila kamu balik u'll able to charm her with your funny ways....hahha...

jeff said...

>> cute girl...
>> i guess time really flies when we are dealing with kids...:D

Syigim said...

thanks kak arin, and bro jeff.. :)

yong, i miss her sho much! xsaba nk picit2 dia!! :P

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