Monday, March 2, 2009

Frankenstein : Alive!!!

just chatted with syida. she's safe and sound, back in 'ol melbourne. we ended up discussing nominated movies of the recent academy awards - and she's downloaded most of them, including benjy button and slumdog mill! even when i tried to brag about having downloaded tropic thunder - she has it too! cepat le downloading ni!

there was that year when mr. khairul and i went nuts getting all those award-nominee-movies - babel, constant gardener, capote, amores peros - but award-nominees or not - they're not my cuppa tea. but this year - they're all within my liking - slumdog (coz it's the winner), benjy button (weird), changeling (fierce love of a mother), tropic thunder (comedy), frost-nixon (intriguing cover-up)...

syida must be enjoying one of the movies now as she takes a rest after the long flight...


funny you should ask.

what do you mean, not interested?

i'm gonna tell you anyway.

..don't you dare close this window! nope, get your hand off the mouse!

i was channel surfing as usual - and ended up watching a 1974-movie, 'young frankenstein'. at first i was just intrigued by the fact that it's a horror movie, (didn't know it's a comedy at first) and secondly, because it's in black and white. once i'm intrigued, i'll watch a movie for its first 10 minutes, and if it's good, i'll continue. if it gets boring, i switch the channel.

i didn't switch channel. it got interesting!

interesting assemble in its cast
  • i saw peter boyle's name in the credit - you know - the funny ol guy who played raymond's obnoxiously adorable dad in 'everbody loves raymond'. and in this one, he's the frankenstein monster!
  • there's also a young gene hackman as a blind *hermit in another ha ha scene with frankenstein's monster.
  • another thing, fans of f.r.i.e.n.d.s might recognize the lady in the clip - in this movie she is inga, frank jr's helper.

* a hermit is someone who lives in isolation from society

gene wilder as dr. frankenstein and peter boyle as the monster

the movie is absolutely hilarious!

it's obviously a spoof of the original classic frankenstein tale - dr. frankeinstein's grandson inherit his castle. so frank jr went and met igor (crazy funny, he steals the scene everytime he appears). they later discovered a secret passage that led to his dad's secret lab where he had worked on the monster he created. grandson repeats grandad's experiment.

to give it the classic old-movie feel, director mel brooks shot the picture entirely in black-and-white, a rare choice at the time, (since movies are already in color) and employed 1930s-style cheesy opening credits and period scene transitions such as iris outs, wipes, and fades to black. gile klasik!

daymn this guy is funny

again, this movie is freakin funny.

considered as the 'best comedy classic', it doesn't have those toilet humor adopted by some spoofs we have today. this movie has simple, cute one-liners that really made me golek-golek gelak! the script actually garnered the writer an academy award nomination for best adapted screenplay - it was that good! fyi, they lost to 'godfather II'.

* * *

dr. frankenstein : i am a brilliant surgeon, i can help you with that hump.
igor : what hump? (when it's obvious he has a hump on his back)

igor : may i help you with that?
dr. frankenstein : oh, sure! - (and igor proceeds to take his briefcase, leaving the huge luggage for the doc)

inga : ha! werewolf!
dr. frankenstein : werewolf?!
igor : (thought he said where. wolf?) there.
dr. franskenstein : what?
igor : there. wolf. there. castle.
dr. frankenstein : why are you talking that way?
igor : i thought you want to.
dr. frankenstein : no, i don't.
igor : (shrugs) suit yourself. i'm easy.

igor: wait, sir! it might be dangerous! --- you go first.

* * *

enjoy this one - one of many funny scenes - from the movie 'young frankenstein'. here dr. frankenstein just went through the secret revolving bookcase, into his grandfather's lab.


sofia said...

huh?! ahh... frankestein alive? i thought that they didn't exist.

Arin said...

slum dog millionaire ok la..part jatuh dalam lubang ta*k tuh ..geli den..hehehhe..

Anonymous said...

Great Blog. I would have relayed the clips of "Putting on the Ritz". Great bit but I loved what you had to say and loved the movie. Not sure what you mean by F.R.I.E.N.D.S.... That was Terry Garr in the movie. Was she on friends? Anyway, keep up the good work.

Mark J from Ohio

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