Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Island Escapade : Umm Al-Quwain

the last time we went on an island escapade was to pulau perhentian. cruising at high speed on a very questionable boat, arriving safely at a heavenly location with fish nibbling at your feet as you take a dip in the blue-green translucent sea water, great food and great weather.

ah, to be one with the sea again...

(ok, this doesn't sound half as romantic and wanting, since right now, i'm practically living inches away from the beach, and practially neighbouring the majestic man-made jumeirah island! - but, just play along, ok...)

this friday, we're going on an 'island escapade' to another emirates in the uae - umm al-quwain, the smallest emirates in uae. going to this, i'd have covered 4 emirates, 3 to go. it's organized by myUAE-PRO, an active malaysian association in dubai organizing events and activities, for malaysians.

for more information, check out this promo poster. hope to see you guys there!

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