Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Pink Engagements & A Red-Black Wedding

i’m VERY sad. but i’m very happy too. haha.

sad, because i’m so far away that i missed the engagements of my cousins; and the wedding of my little ‘big’ adik angkat. happy, because they’re celebrating love with their soulmates; vow to be best of friends, partners in crime, and lovers for life!


* * *


wanie & ijan


last month, my cousin wanie got engaged with her boo ijan at a simple ceremony in ipoh. resplendently angelic in white; my cousin was glowing with joy.

what was planned as a ‘merisik’ event, turned out to be much more meaningful. it’s a really big deal in this family, because she’s the eldest, and practically everyone’s waiting for this happy moment!

congrats to my mak’s youngest sis ‘cik’ and hubby uncle rosli – on the engagement of their eldest daughter. good luck planning the wedding!


parents of the bride-to-be : uncle rosli, wanie & cik


* * *


last few days, another cousin of mine got engaged in a pink and white hoopla in menjalara. she’s the second daughter of another one of my mak’s sisters; auntyna and hubby uncle mi.

congrats rini! you look absolutely gorgeous!


 future pengantins : ijan, khairul, rini & wanie


her future husband shares the same name with mr. khairul – yes, khairul also lah! aiyo. hihi. he wore a simple white shirt on that day, as opposed to his elegantly dressed fiance!

a second historical day for my auntyna – since this is the second time they’re hosting an engagement ceremony, after their eldest daughter 3 years back. all the best planning the wedding!


 uncle mi, rinie & auntyna

* * *


a very gothic wedding was held in melewar, gombak few weeks ago, celebrating the union of ihsan and suhaila. congratulations to encik ramli and cikgu zabedah for another daughter-in-law.


big bro azmi, with youngest bro ihsan the happy groom & bride suhaila, with azmi’s wife zira


these dudes are dear to me. they were there when my mak passed away. the whole family came to ipoh. ihsan and his brother carried jenazah mak sampai lah diturunkan ke liang lahad. i will always remember that moment. they were like actual family members rushing here and there to help out whatever they can on that solemn day.

thanks bro, and congrats again. may you always have happiness – and may you soon be papa rock!


* * *


i know it wasn’t a PERFECT event – because i wasn’t there! haha. anyways, awaiting the wedding of wanie & ijan; as well as rinie & khairul. i think the tentative dates would be around september and december. boy, i sure hope i could attend!

love is all around…


ICA said...

dilema hidup diperantauan kan...that's ok, hopefully you will be able to attend their weddings instead. But love your cousin wanie's white dress...cantik sangat.

Syigim said...

ica, tu la....so sad :( but i think i could make it to AT LEAST one of the weddings. jadi lah kan :)

yes, so white and pure kan dress tu. :) very sweet!

Anonymous said...

wishing u can joint us here.. tapi takpe.. picture will tell kan? miss u my dear sister..

ziera (tmn melewar)...

Syigim said...

salam ziera, yes missing everyone at melewar :) slalu lah upload gamba ok! :)

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