Monday, February 21, 2011

Speaking on Water Quality in Tokyo : Gambatte Kudasai Syimot!

i’m so proud of my sister!

at the time of writing, she’s probably already arrived in tokyo to attend the ‘water environment partnership in asia (WEPA)’ meeting. not just attending – she will be presenting a paper on ‘water quality management in malaysia'.



with syima & her 2 girls; micha & cuya, and me & my 2 boys; khaleef & kahfi @ abah’s house


what is WEPA – Water Environment Partnership in Asia?

WEPA, in cooperation with 11 countries in east asia, aims to promote good governance in water environment management by providing necessary, relevant information and knowledge, through a series of databases. information collected through WEPA activities is shared by the WEPA database.

This database consists of 4 individual databases, namely ‘policies’, ‘technologies’, ‘NGOs’ and CBOs’ activities’ and ‘sources of water-related information’.


in the asian region, the quality and quantity of water resources have deteriorated. why?

  • the increasing demand on water
  • polluted water resources
  • inadequate management

so…this has been one of the main factors hindering socio-economic development in this region. in order to achieve sustainable development in asia, it is necessary to

  • manage water resources in a sustainable manner
  • to create a sound water environment

WHO must get involved in water environmental management?

  • governments
  • experts
  • non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • citizens – you and ME!

government officials play an important role!

  • they are responsible for the planning and implementation of policies on water-environment management
  • so, it’s important to help government officials
  • how? provide appropriate information regarding methods and technologies of water environment management suitable for the asian region

this is where the “Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA)” comes in!

  • to promote good governance in water environment management
  • provide necessary information and knowledge of water environment management in the region through databases

source : here.

* * *


syimot is my younger sister, the middle child of haji podin 5 girls. she’s married to a soft-spoken din, and has two adorable girls; suffiya and marissa. miss them!

while my eldest sis took up business, i pursued my passion for language, syidot in banking and azot in computer science – she was the one who swerved to science – microbiology, to be precise. well, we got to have one crazy scientist in the family! haha.

good luck in your presentation, sis. make malaysia proud, and make us proud! *hug* can’t wait for the pictures! nanti check water quality kat dubai pulak ye! haha.

(oh, and don’t forget to pick up tissues – especially ones with japanese characters on them!)


* * *


“…water is a driving force for sustainable development including environmental integrity, and the eradication of poverty and hunger, indispensable for human health and welfare”, and “each country has the primary responsibility to act”.

~ the Ministerial Declaration of the International Ministerial Conference at the Third World Water Forum (WWF3)


Mommy Fara said...

ehem....actually, sangat berharap kerajaan malaysia dapat mencontohi korea selatan yang berjaya merawat dan mengindahkan sungai yang tercemar.....tiba-tiba pulak nak cite psl sungai...heheheh!

nz said...

udah macam presentation dah hang pnye post kali ni. hohoohoh

transformed housewife said...

congrats to ur sis. My hubby pun dlm bidang microbiology.

ICA said...

Mmg kena mintak tips to your parents on how to raise smart & successful girls... I need tips laa syigim.

ps: boleh tak ni jadi homework for you to ask your dad? boleh jadi an entry in your blog. Coz I need as many tips as I can...hehehe.

Syigim said...

>> mommy fara, betul! cintailah sungai kita! (lama xmandi sungai...)

>> nz, present kat blog daaa..

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, how bout ur kiddos ye. nk ke arts mcm mamanye ke, or ikut ur hubby? hihi..

>> ica, ur just too kind with words! :) alhamdulillah :)

ish kalo i buat entry tu, mcm entry syok sendiri je! hahahah... besides, ur girls have great role models dah in u n ujang :)

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