Thursday, December 4, 2008

Niraku: flies London - Dubai - Malaysia!

My best friend is coming to Dubai.

Niraku is coming to Dubai!

Well, actually she’s on a transit flight from UK to Malaysia to celebrate Hari Raya Haji. She's doing her PhD there. Wicked.

mak niraku, mak aku jugak!

When you’re in a foreign land, any company from your home country would be a party – let alone a good friend, what is more – a childhood buddy you grew up with. Niraku is a wacky friend with great sense of humor but can still keep me on my toes when it comes to serious issues like not bringing 4U2C cassette to school! hihi - maklum le ex-deputy head prefect...

What's planned for her tomorrow?

  1. Bring her back home to lepak2 & catch up on stuff. (maybe ask her to cook something...she makes THE best laksa - and I don't even like laksa!)
  2. Eat Mandy (mandatory! how can she NOT try this once in dubai???)
  3. Mr Khairul will drop us at souvenir spots for us to shop our hearts' out. Just us girls!
  4. Back home to freshen up
  5. Dinner @ Central Perk (honey you're a fantastic company but we're best buds! how can we NOT go here!)
  6. Round and around Dubai we'll go, covering must-see places - Burj Dubai, Burj Al-Arab, Atlantis, Dubai McD...
  7. Send her off - flight to Malaysia is at 3am the next day. :-(

It will be just a day thingy but it is more than I could ask for. Can't wait to see you, buddy!

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