Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunway Hosp then - Dubai Hosp now

perkarangan dubai hospital

Khaleef was a sunway hosp boy, while we went milions of miles further and had Kahfi in Dubai Hospital.

now that i have personally experienced giving birth at a foreign hospital, i can safely say that it was a good one. before we even came to dubai, there were few sok-sek about giving birth in here - some are positive, some negative. most people adviced us to just have the baby in malaysia - just in case.

well, we're risk-takers, aren't we?

i was taken care of very well by everyone that i met in the hospital. from nurses to doctors, guards and cleaning lady - everyone was warm and friendly, ready to lend a hand.

the service was top-notch, so were the facilities. the doc did take some time for my injection but i understand it was more of a hectic-day thing plus my impatience coz of the pain - and not lack of professionalism. i can easily overlook that over everything else that was pleasant in the hospital.

there was one doc who actually refered to me as 'ya habibi' when she asked me questions. it was just lovely.

basically the procedure for me when i came in was as such:

  1. straight to emergency ward since i was already experiencing abdominal pain
  2. was 'interviewed' by nurse at obgyn clinic - what time pain starts, bla bla bla while mr khairul registered me n paid (forgot how much)
  3. lie down - doc ran ultrasound tests to check up on baby
  4. checked how many cm opening
  5. strapped to the heart-beat observation thingy
  6. when pain worsens, i was admitted, brought to labor room on 2nd floor
  7. put in 'waiting' room (single bed) where i wait til i was ready to deliver and take to labor room
  8. wait wait wait - then cannot wait anymore! baby is coming!
  9. nurse delivered Kahfi there n then at the waiting room (complete facilities for delivery)
  10. nurse showed me kahfi, cleaned him up for mr khairul to azan
  11. brought to private room
  12. time to rest...

i opted for the private room which was snug and comfy - enough for us. the door itself showed how much privacy we would be enjoying - a curtain with decent spacing separates the corridor and the door to my room - it blocked the noise from outside; or rather blocked the *noise from INSIDE my room from outside!

* khaleef actually played ball in the room, we watched DVDs and switched on the tv - and when mr khairul was on the phone - a guy in a coma on the 5th floor could hear him.

the food was just delicious - they gave me briyani with ayam merah for lunch, it was cornflakes and croissant for breakfast and grilled burgers and fries for dinner! beat that! drinks? every meal accompanied by a bottle of mineral water, fresh milk, orange/mango juice and hot tea. yeap, all four served. take your pick.

i take this opportunity to thank a very special person, one of the senior nurses of dubai hospital emergency unit - Ms Beena. she was introduced to us by mr khairul's staff Radha - and from then on became a great big help whenever matters of hospital and my check-ups are concerned. she made sure everything went smoothly everytime i went for check-ups till the very day i delivered Kahfi. her gentle care and concern really make me feel everything is going to be fine.

thank you, Beena!

proud mom & bro right after being discharged

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