Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kahfi Demam :(

my kahfi is having a slight fever. for the first time.
this happened a few hours after he got his 4th month jab.

it' so heartbreaking to see him cry and yet refused to be fed! i'm trying to understand that for kahfi it is not just the physical pain, but an emotional one as well. he has never felt this way before, and i'm sure it scares him to be experiencing this alien discomfort. this feverish feeling is new. unsure how to react, all he needs is reassuring, plenty of cuddling and lots of love.

he took the medicine, and slept.

at the time of writing he is awake, still warm to the touch, but already smiling and cooing as usual!

on a happy note, kahfi is turning 4 months in a few days. here's his highlights :

  1. he is becoming curious george! very, very curious; but i just call it plain menyibuk! everytime he's fed, he would turn his head at every sound, especially when mr. khairul is talking to me! and then get back to his feeding. another noise, he would turn his head again. and then get back to feeding. sometimes mr. khairul simply say something to see whether kahfi would turn his head - and yes, everytime. even when mr. khairul coughs! memang menyibuk betul!
  2. also, now he's able to grab and hold things
  3. put something interesting in front of him while lying on his front and you'd see a determined kahfi trying to reach it
  4. just like big bro khaleef, kahfi has shown tendency to sleep better when holding someone's hand
  5. has shown great interest in the activities of his big bro khaleef; watching intently when he plays with his toys, when he jumps around or when he sings out loud in the shower

get well soon cayang mak!

LATEST : yesterday morning after kahfi had his medicine, fed, he slept like a nyenyak sangat. and he woke up all sweaty, which was a good sign. from then on his temperature went back to normal. even before that he was already sniggering and laughing as usual. yay!


Arin said...

cepat kan bebudak nih dah besar..

Yuslinda said...

cian,kahfi,get well soon ya.
baby mmg mcm tulah syigim,jgn risau,lepas kena jap,mmg kadang2 demam,kak linda baru balik kl easter holiday 30 sampai 17 apr makan char kueh teow,jgn marah..tulah bila datang mirdif call tau..

Syigim said...

tau-tau dah 4 bulan dah si zara & kahfi ye kak arin...

wa bestnye kak linda balik kl...we're goin back this july insyaAllah.

char kuey teow!!! me hafta wait til july le!


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