Monday, April 13, 2009

Tag : 5 Items

i love being tagged. thanks kak arin! at times you just need something simple and fun to write about...

[1]| - 5 Names I go by:
  1. syigim (pronunciation varies from 'syigeem' to 'syigame' - i personally don't mind)
  2. gim (among my colleagues)
  3. yang (i'm the 2nd child - known among my sisters)
  4. auntie gim (to my nephews and nieces)
  5. queen of everything (ok i made this last one up but it'd be super cool!)

|[2]| - 5 Jobs I have had in my life

  1. letter sorter at main post office ipoh during puasa month, while waiting for the spm result
  2. lecturer at a private college in ipoh
  3. journalist (best assignments was with afdlin shauki, yasmin ahmad and the creator of the sang kancil cartoons)
  4. magazine editor
  5. mentor

|[3]| - 5 Places I have lived before

  1. ipoh since forever
  2. asma college uia gombak
  3. malaysia hall melbourne
  4. seksyen 25 shah alam
  5. bur dubai

currently dubai marina yay baybee!

|[4]| - 5 TV Shows that I watch currently

  1. f.r.i.e.n.d.s reruns (always!)
  2. american idol (go gokey!)
  3. the apprentice (reruns too. but i like the people aspect of the show - behaviour, personality, idiosyncracies - plus, donald trump himself is an interesting character, right dora?)
  4. the tyra show (i'm becoming those housewives who watches talkshows..hihihi)
  5. peep, chirp and quack (one of khaleef's many many many fav cartoons - but this one i like)

|[5]| - 5 places I have been

  1. los angeles (sending yong)
  2. melbourne (for my masters)
  3. auckland (holiday - just abah and the girls)
  4. pulau perhentian (first major holiday for us as family - mr.khairul, khaleef and me)
  5. dubai (been there, living now)

|[6]| - People that e-mail/contact me regularly

  1. abah
  2. syida
  3. syimee
  4. syima
  5. azi

i'd say facebook has been a great help to strengthen bonds without having to spend money on calls, or having to write long e-mails. you can just 'poke' to say hey i'm thinking of you..

|[7]| - 5 of my favorite foods
i love to eat okay. period. *big huge grin*
  1. char kuey teow
  2. spaghetti
  3. ayam masak merah
  4. mcd
  5. cheese cake

|[8]| - 5 things I would like to do

  1. write for a living
  2. watch theater in dubai
  3. dine at burj al-arab
  4. own a yellow beetle
  5. balik malaysia!!!

|[9]| - 5 Things I am looking forward to

  1. macam kak arin, is to see my boys grow up healthy, happy and well-educated
  2. work again
  3. trips all over middle east and europe
  4. bake brownies jap lagi
  5. again, balik malaysia!!!

|[10]| - 5 friends I think will respond

  1. azi
  2. syida
  3. anneeza
  4. liyana
  5. syu


Arin said...

bake brownies..sedap nye...i wish kak arin ader talent to bake anything..

Anonymous said...

u neva poke me!!!!!!!!

Syigim said...

yay! da bake dah...tgh tunggu baking kat oven.. :) fly ke dubai le kak arin..bole try sket hihi

is that u niraku?? lain kali bubuh nama la! hihihiihiihiiii..i don't poke you. i harass you with comments and clickin "like" at everything on your wall!

jeff said...

>> kira just getting to know you ni...:D

Syigim said...

bro jeff, nyanyi la lagu from 'the king & i' tu..

"getting to knowwww you, getting to know all about youuuuu.."


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