Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Roses For A Wednesday

* jiwang alert. you have been warned.

Just Because It's Wednesday

by syigim

it could be my birthday
but that's two months away
for valentines maybe?
but it isn't february

it could be our anniversary
wait, which one? we have so many
is it our first movie, or first date?
first time we held hands? i can't state

it could be mother's day
but it's not yet may
is he giving it out early?
i can't say!

"it's simply wednesday"
was what he says
roses for his wife
the love of his life!

as cliche as this may sound, i replied:

"roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet
and so are you!"

thanks for the roses, honey! :*

* * *

for hubbies out there, give flowers to your other half just because it's wednesday. or a monday. or just a breakfast date. or simply because she cooks your favorite ayam masak lemak cili padi yesterday. or because her smile looks exactly as pleasing, as the day you first saw her.

a dozen, a bunch, a bouquet, a single stalk - it would mean the world.

spread joy!


Arin said...

guess what?kak arin penah menerima roses ( tuh from fresh flowers dari hantaran waktu bertunang )..dari encik suami ku..itu je la pon..hehehhe..sian nye kak arin!:p

Syigim said...

xpe kak arin...janji bwk jln2 whenever kita nk, and kasi makan yg best2 bila2 kita teringin...kan? kan? kan?


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