Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tidbits II

what is new this week?

cu with grandnephew and grandniece khaleef and cuya

ini pakcik saya.

yesterday was my uncle's birthday. he turns 45 i think. i call him cu. he's my mak's youngest brother. he's a fun guy, cool dude and he can speak japanese! (tak tau le dah berkarat)

so happy birthday, cu! bila nak datang dubai?

* * *

back in malaysia, we stayed at an apartment with the most generous carpark space ever. it's so spacious that khaleef played ball there every other weekend, especially on a saturday, while waiting for mr. khairul to come home after work.

how time passed. back then, khaleef played with a huge air-filled beach ball - which is ironic coz the bigger he grows, the smaller the ball is.

that's why i'm glad that at our current apartment, we still have a spacious area overlooking the marina to hang out at, and for khaleef to continue his football madness.

at times when the weather is right, the sun peeks just a little bit over the clouds, the boats out and the wind sings, it's pure bliss! just me and the boys, waiting for the ol man to come home...

* * *

...and when i am not looking...

* * *

...or when kahfi is not looking!

i have got to get him into school very very soon!


Arin said...

hahahha..tuh peel khaleef mmg sejibik cam hanum..pantang lepa, ader je benda nak di buat..mainan adik pon leh jadik bahan..

AALAA' said...

hahaha comelnye muke die conteng2!! ;D

Syigim said...

kak arin - masa dia baby dulu xde benda tuuu..hihi...tu present org for kahfi. so kesian khaleef, reliving his babyhood hihi...

alaks - yup! instead of marah gile, rase nk tergelak tgk muka dia... :)

Yong said...

tunggu kahfi besar skit...then u know the thrill of bringing up 2 hyperactive boyzz....hehehhe

Syigim said...

yong....i *can't* wait..



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