Wednesday, April 1, 2009

World Premier : Kahfi's 1st Laughter

it was the best experience for a mother. of all the weird happy shouts and giggly screams and smiles and laughter a person will have in his entire life, i witnessed his first.

it was so breath-taking.

how to make kahfi laugh :

  1. put kahfi on your lap.
  2. smell his foot.
  3. make yucky sound as if his feet is the smelliest feet ever.
  4. couple that with icky facial expression.
  5. wait for him to laugh.


so syida, it was not vomitting sounds! close, but not!


nor said...

cutenya...seronok tgk baby camni bila ketawa...mmg sejujur2 nya kan...alamak..bestnya ada baby...layan diaorg mmg best...

diyana anwar said...

suka die org gelakkan kaki die. anyways, kaki babies ade ke yg busukk.huhu

p/s: teh bole byg muka kak syigim masa buat yucky sound tu.bukan kahfi, teh pun gelak kot. haha ;))

Syigim said...

hmmm...kaknor pun ade "3" baby tu... :))

teh....kak syigim mmg lawak best pun. ;)

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