Friday, April 17, 2009

Donut Gemuk & Makan Thai

weekends are for bermalas-malas with the boys, eating out (mandatory mandy) or window shop. i like the eating out part the most. (duuh!) today we ate thai food for dinner from the lemongrass at ibn battuta mall. this is the lemongrass express, as it's only one of the many makan place in ibn battuta foodcourt.

we've eaten at a lemongrass restaurant before, the one in al-qasba, sharjah. al-qasba is wonderful place to bring the whole family, jalan-jalan with the view of the canal whilst we ate. i had the kuey teow (i had a crave for char kuey teow at the time and was hunting for it everywhere i went).

verdict - well, it's no chinese style obviously, but i was craving so it tasted well enough. it uses the wide type of flat noodles which i like, and it has got a generous serving of chicken, prawn and squid pieces so it was worth the price. eat it while it's piping hot!

the lemongrass restaurant at al-qasba, sharjah

it's said that the white curry is its signature dish, but neither of us were too keen to try. when we went to ibn battuta, mr. khairul had the tom yam and he has only good things to say about it! it's a really simple tomyam with just prawns and mushrooms but mr. khairul enjoyed slurping to no end.

tau-tau je dah habis!

owh, and you can actually try the lauk! we didn't know till we tried. mr. khairul once worked at a chinese restaurant, the panda express back when he was in chicago, and he said over there they let customers try out their lauk just like when you try the ice-cream flavors in baskin robbins!

so kalau ade yang gile tomyam tu boleh la try dulu!

the lemongrass express counter at ibn battuta mall food court

* * *

my sis syida thinks it's too sweet, but to me it's a wonderful guilt-inducing fluffy treat. krispy kreme. our fav doughnut place. mr. khairul called it donut gemuk.

go figure.

krispy kreme is also one of the many counters in the ibn battuta mall, this is a must-stop for us. eventhough it doesn't have as much variety in doughnuts like dunkin, we only need 3 types - the choc dream for me, the creme filled for mr. khairul, and the colorful choc rice ones for khaleef. sorry, kahfi has to wait till he turns 1!

untuk mak, bapak and khaleef. kahfi minum milk je lah!

the doughnuts feel fresh from the oven, and stays fluffy even days after we bought them. doughnuts from dunkin seemed pale in comparison, while j co's seemed to be too soft and not padat.

there's one newly opened krispy kreme at 'the walk'. can't wait to check it out!

* * *

i've seen this kind of awards in blogs but this is the first time somebody actually gives me one. it felt kinda nice. thanks nekPP! she wrote in her blog, "walaupun baru kenal...mesra.." which i agree. i've only met her once but she's already one of my stalkers, err i mean, fav bloggers...she blogs about food - lauk-pauk, cookies and cakes! yummies!

terima kasih, nek! cucu seronok ni!

and also, it says in her blog that, to accept this award, some rules have to be adhered to :

  • put this logo in your blog
  • give this award to blogs most inspirational to you
  • express your appreciation
  • inform them of this award that you're giving out

so here are the recepients of my inaugural award!

  1. azi - my youngest sister, who designed the template for my blog
  2. syida - my 2nd-youngest sister, who is my fav blog-critic
  3. sofia - mr. khairul's youngest sister who, at 8, is blogging
  4. kak arin - my buddy at malaysia hall melbourne
  5. anneeza - my just10 buddy, who inspires me in her passion for the goodness of breastfeeding and cloth diapers
now you can pass it on! excuse me while i chow down another doughnut...


Arin said...

Krispy Kreme akan bukak di msia..first outlet kat Berjaya Times Square this coming 27th april..the 1st one yang beratur and beli , akan dapat one whole year of supply donut gemuk nih..

mother of two said...

lama dah tak pekana kueh teow sup pedas kat lemongrass tu.. jauhhhh sgt. kalau dekat mau hari2 tu..:)

Syigim said...

ye ke kak arin!!! bestnye! selalu mengidamkan tu but mcd! dulu penah berangan konon2 jadi 'pelanggan ke 2juta' then get whole yr free mcd!!


sedap ke kuey teow sup dia, sheila? nk try la! tp xmo pedas tau! :)

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