Thursday, December 17, 2009

3 Sis @ Mall of The Emirates

what's a holiday without some serious shopping?

the mall of the emirates was the biggest mall in the world - before dubai mall opened its doors and took the title. big or not, this was the day they receive two extra guests from malaysia.

we took a cab there, and planned that mr. khairul would pick us up after work. we paid 25dhs, which was more than i expected. oh, well. takpe la nak bawak adik-adik. hihi. but i didn't tip the cab driver because he didn't even have the courtesy to help fold the stroller and put it in the trunk!

3 lovely ladies and a kid boarding his cab, and he didn't even help! huh!

we stopped right by kempinski, and walked right into mall of the emirates, and straight away saw ski dubai, one of the 'hottest' cool attractions in dubai.

it's the biggest indoor ski resort in the world. it probably makes up to the huge size of the mall itself - the size of 3 football fields to be exact - every inch covered in real snow. we went inside, up to the actual entrance, and visited the gift shop. the girls bought some magnets for the other wombats back home. haha tak surprise dah!

personally i think the ticket and warm suit rental are too expensive, but if you're interested, click here for the official website of ski dubai.

khaleef found this smashing hat. looks good on him. hihi.


basically we're easy shoppers. we don't go to one shop, don't buy anything, repeat the cycle in 10 other stores, and decide we wanna buy something in the very first store we went to, and hafta go back.

we see something nice, we buy. if we don't, we go looking for nice stuff at other stores. and buy those.

azi & khaleef striking a pose at the mock-up of a bus in dubai

what else to report on? girls out shopping? went in, went out. see see, look look. window shop, buy. buy, window shop. sit down, rest, lunch.

khaleef had 4 and a half doughnuts throughout the time we were there.

  1. one from dunkin donuts, courtesy of aunty da - a super pink raspberry doughnut, super-sweet lookin piece with blue icing lined across.
  2. another one is from krispy kreme - a sugar laced round doughnut with strawberry filling.
  3. and two and a half more are big christmas-special doughnuts - snowman and chocoman - doughnuts in the shape of snowman - one with choc icing, and another with white - hence the name.

man, he's got a sweet tooth!

this is my shmiley kahfi. still itching to get out of his prison stroller but we've yet to get him decent shoes. yes, he lost one of his nike sneakers - that little cute brown ones he wore on hari raya.

i remember khaleef's first ever shoes - we simply bought a pair at the pasar malam - a blue spidey pair of slippers - the one with the annoying high-pitched squishy sound whenever the wearer take steps.

now i wish dubai has a pasar malam so i can get a spidey pair for kahfi too...

oh, it's getting late and the boys grew tired! we got a trolley from carrefour eventhough we didn't even go inside. we dumped all our hasil shopping inside and let khaleef munch doughnuts and take a rest on it. and then he slept. with the shopping bags as pillows. my poor lil tired khaleef!

kahfi on the other hand, refused to sleep, refused to keep still, and refused to stay in the stroller. we took him out, and sat him on the edge of the trolley. it really is his favorite spot - it gets his eye-view higher, and he's closer to the trolley-pusher so he won't feel that lonely.

budak manja!

by the end of our shopping spree, both boys were out. kahfi slept easily in his stroller, while khaleef was still in la-la land in the stroller, cozyed up among shopping bags.

my sisters the wombats

what better time to catch a snack than when both tiny terrorists were asleep?

i sat at the edge of the table, just watching my sisters chatter non-stop over fries and coke. their giggles, their stupid jokes and serious rantings. i didn't speak, i didn't even bother to understand what they were gossiping about - i was just sitting there, enjoying the moment.

my sisters, with me. in lonely dubai planet. i still couldn't believe it sometimes. sigh, thanks abah. for bringing them here.

i hate it when this ends.

* * *

oh heck, happy thoughts, yah! which mall, next?


paij188 said...

good times syigim! now my turn, been 3 days already, jalan-jalan je everyday. bile diorg balik?

Syigim said...

yes fairus! mmg best sgt. sebenanye xde time nk blog, tp i nk blog jgk!! hihi. sonok la ur parents lepak umah baruuuu hihi. my sisters balik this fri :(

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