Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest

LAST DAY, people! last day to enter your cutesies for mombloggersplanet monthly contest. it's actually the final monthly contest organized by the awesome site so i'm just pushing my luck at the last minute and see how it works out!

this final monthly contest is to pick 'the cutest baby smiling' - which would be extremely hard for the main lady, little mama because baby mana yg tak comel bila tgh senyum, right?

there's still a few more hours before little mama close the curtains. not much hassle and the rules are so easy - so you guys can still enter while you can! click on the picture below for full details on the contest.

...and here's the charming little dude with the dazzling heart-break smile!

name : Kahfi Bin Khairul
d.o.b : 23 December 2008

i LOVE to see him smile because:

no worries no pain
when he smiles again and again
warms the heart, cools the mind
a cuter smile, nowhere will i find!

so honest his smile is
comes deep from within his
comot, busyuk, masam and such
i still love his smiling so much!

teeth he's got a few
all super brand new
it shines it twinkles
when he smiles it all sparkles!

the squinty eyes, the wrinkly nose
all ingredients for a perfect smiling pose
so little mama, this message's for you, lady
pick kahfi as the cutest smiling baby!

by : syigim

* * *

this awesome contest is brought to you by mombloggersplanet and :

photobookmalaysia and alicewonders provide the prizes for the contest; a gorgeous memory-keeper in the form of a book filled with photos of your smiling babies, or a choice of lovely handbags for your daily or recreational use that would certainly make you smile! check out their websites for more info on their products.

it's the final monthly contest by mombloggersplanet, and kahfi's third! you know what they say - third time is the charm!


Wan Anie said...

so sweet!

Syigim said...

thanks wan anie! :) jemput dtg my blog..

Nadiah Sidek said...

mcm anak cina! ;)
good luck!

Syigim said...

thanks nadiah :) hopefully he'll get something! hihi..

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