Friday, December 11, 2009

Syida & Azot : Mandi Rice, Finally!

the day started at approximately 1.52am when an air asia flight from malaysia to abu dhabi arrived a bit later than scheduled.

...and then chaos begin. complete with shrill laughers, high-pitched chatterings and lotsa giggles.

my sisters are here.

* * *

obviously, naturally, of course - the first ever place i really want to bring them to is al-tawasol - my favorite makan place in dubai, serving the best mandi rice in dubai!

all those months reading my endless postings on mandi rice, now they finally got a taste of what's the fuss about. and they agreed! read about my mandy rice madness here!

we ordered chicken mandi for us girls, and mr. khairul surprisingly ordered fish mandi instead of his favorite lamb mandi.

as some of you might already know, mandi rice is served with plates of salad, comprise of cut-up cucumber and some ulam, along with lime slice for taste. also served together are the little bowls of its special 'sambal' which i love because it's not very spicy, and contain blended tomatoes!

my sisters loved their nasi mandi. but there was one problem! haha. i always, always take the drumstick, while mr. khairul doesn't mind ending up with the white meat. but with these wombats in town, as the big sister i have to give up my drumstick!

anything lah for my baby sisters! kalo yong ade boleh bagi yong part ayam keras tu!

azi, syida & me :)

of course there'd be shots inside and outside of al-tawasol restaurant! this first experience was definitely to be cherished! yummy food, and wonderful company - what else could i ask for?

us in front of al-tawasol

syida was surprised to see how good the bike looks like - and it's just for the delivery boy!

* * *

oh, did i mention it rained in dubai? for the first time in months, it actually rained heavily in dubai! budak-budak ni memang dukun hujan betui!

it was hazy and blurry, but azi managed to get a shot of this part of dubai skyline, which includes the soon-to-be tallest building in the world - the burj dubai.

syida said it all when she said, with the sharp edge design at the top and tall, and narrow sight from far, the building looks like it's literally - scraping the sky.

well said, girl!

we made a pit stop at this spot - the universal studios, dubailand. ni projek tak jadi ke, tak habis ke, tak start lagi ke - tak tau lah. kesian jugak. yang ade pintu gerbang je.

then we went to dubai outlet mall for the wombats to do some 'exploring' - leaving the bigger malls for later hihi. they saw chuck e cheese and took some shots - as it nearly was the place for ross to have his bachelor party! hihi.

note : we're f.r.i.e.n.d.s freak. nuff said.

* * *

tired. had fun. still feeling a bit surreal that my sisters are here. thanks, abah for the 'sponsor' - hihi. tomorrow is another day of fun, for sure.


arin said...

mamat waiter belakang u all too sama sebok nak masuk dalam gambar..hehehhehe..

Nadiah Sidek said...

1st time dgr nama nasi mandi. mcm mana rsnya? seronok ye duk di dubai..blh je mkn kat kedai..sini takleh..huhu..

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, tu la.. susah jadik glamer nih.. hihi :P

>> nadiah, i LOVE mandi rice..mmg sedap sgt! & alhmdulillah mmg kat dubai ni senang kalo psl makan :)

Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

hei, tawassol tu antara my agenda for atok and nenek tini toooo!!! syoklah syigim tgk ur sister, macam u jugak! i rasa khairul mesti senyap je dengar u all shrieking macam chipmunks (cakap orang kite pun camtu)

Irma Omar said...

sis, dimanekah letaknye tawassol ni... kedengaran smp ke abu dhabi tp smp dubai xtau nk mencarik kat mane... huhuhu

Unknown said...


Salam Perkenalan, Syigim.

Menarik betul melihat nasi mandy tuu...kalau di Dubai, mesti citarasanya lebih sedap [kot] compare di KL?

Eti Karim said...

Dear Syigim, I got to know your blog from your interesting article on curious children in MBP. Good writing, will definitely pop by your blog more often.

Syigim said...

>> fairus, mandi rice mmg a must! yah, u should know how noisy sisters can be when we get together! :)

>> cik rama-rama.. mandi rice al-tawasol ni dekat clock tower, deira. kalo tanya org sure they can guide u there! :)

Syigim said...

>> hi frida[norm], welcome to my blog :) mandi rice di kl sedap, tp rase mcm nasi ayam sket2. mandi rice di dubai rasa ori ;)

Syigim said...

hi eti karim! thanks for ur nice words on my article :) do drop by often :)

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