Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kahfi : You're ONE!

it felt like only yesterday when i strolled ever so cooly across dubai hospital corridor towards the maternity ward around 10pm. the pain came very slowly, and gradually built up towards midnight, and heightened around 2am.

and half an hour later, he was out into this world, into the arms of the loving family Allah granted him with - bapak, mak and abang khaleef.

happy birthday, kahfi. it's been a year and congrats on making it this far!

kahfi : 1 day old

the nurse placed him on my chest. "sepetnya!"


"you look just like your brother." were my first thoughts. then mr. khairul took him, and sang the beautiful azan into his obliging ear. the first tender moments of kahfi with his parents.

read the graphic detail on his day of birth here. viewers discretion is advised!

* * *

kahfi : 3 months old

his smile is breath-taking. so sincere, true and timeless.

* * *

kahfi : 5 months old

he starts to pull himself up in a crawling position - well, much like a parachuting position - just look at him! this is a start of his crawling stage. and in mere weeks received his degree in crawling. good job, skipper!

read kahfi's term paper on pre-crawling guide here!

* * *

kahfi : 7 months old

at his naik buai ceremony in kampung lalang, mr. khairul's parents' place. yapping, babbling and basically making way too much noise. not to mention being way too cheeky. and always standing up, and clawing on to chairs!

here's the report on the kenduri naik buai.

* * *

kahfi : 10 months old

hard, white enamels suddenly invaded his gums in throngs! all of a sudden - 4 in a row downstairs, and a few more upstairs! it was quite a sight - and ouch to whoever gatal bubuh jari inside his mouth!

read about his teeth invasion here!

* * *

kahfi : a few days before his 1st birthday

mature, serious, no-nonsense? na-ah! he's as cheeky as ever, as mengada as his bro had never been before and as manja as heck!

...but mak, bapak and abang love you just as much!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear kahfi - and may your coming years bring a thousand more achievements!


mother of two said...

sekejapnya..dah 1 year dah. rasa baru jer kita berkenalan time tu kat jood mandhi ngan perut yg memboyot itu..

Silent Scribbler said...

Happy birthday, kahfi. aunty aisha doa kahfi will grow up to big and strong; and to make both of your parents proud for being a good son!

Syigim said...

>> tu la sheila, time flies when we're havin fun menjaga si kecik tu! sheila bila nk tambah angels hihi

>> thanks aunty aisha. kahfi appreciates the advice, but can't promise to be *good* >wink wink< hihi

FiDa@aMiDa said...

happy belated birthday kahfi..sekejap je dah besar cepat betul masa berlalu..semoga menjadi anak yg soleh

Syigim said...

thanks aunty fida! :) xsaba nk tunggu kek thomas frm aunty fida..

FiDa@aMiDa said...

cake thomas & friend on the way Insyallah

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