Monday, December 28, 2009

Kahfi, Khaleef, Thomas & Friends

yes, kahfi is one of the many, many million kids around the world who is charmed by the honest, down-to-earth and determined little train name thomas. and his friends.

for his first birthday, my wombat sisters gave him a thomas train set!

at first we let him take charge in opening his present. we tore up a little piece on the side, and let him try and tear the rest. kobek sana, kobek sini. finally he gave up and sat on the box!

well, well - who came to the rescue if not big bro khaleef! poor dude had been eye-ing the present ever since we came back from the mall! so khaleef ended up tearing the wrapping paper, while kahfi looked on, while occasionally made attempts to eat some pieces. eww, kahfi!

kahfi and his first birthday present - 'thomas & friends' train set!

...and then he saw him - thomas! he wasn't particularly excited - instead, he was more surprised, intrigued and curious while looking at the box. he kept pointing, making curious looks at the pictures to show he recognized the little train and his friends!

he was more intrigued and was rooted to the carpet, frozed up in amazement while watching me open the box to reveal thomas, james and percy! the first thing he did was put thomas in his mouth! aiyo!

he kept looking, and staring and admiring, and wondering. and he bite thomas again. hihi.

notice the final picture - kahfi already sitting in the middle of the train track!

finally, big bro khaleef took over to assemble the train tracks. his mak su and aunty da helped along the way - a little of this, a little of that. when the tracks are ready, even khaleef was super-excited to start playing. he obviously had a great time showing kahfi how to move the train on the tracks. at one point, even kahfi enjoyed the 'show' put up by big bro khaleef, sitting ever so quietly and attentively.

soon, the birthday boy grew tired of just watching the train moves. he was eye-ing thomas - like a giant waiting to grab a train to be devoured for his supper! at the end, the 'giant' ended up sitting in the middle of the train track - munching trains for his evening snack. nyum. nyum.


* * *

thanks to syida (aunty da) and azi (mak su) for this cute birthday present! something that both the brothers can enjoy! miss you both so much!


Nadiah Sidek said...

sedap ke train tu kahfi? hehe..

Syigim said...

hahahaha. lawak lawak nadiah. xsedap! kena buh whip cream sket. hihi :P

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