Tuesday, December 8, 2009

From The Eyes of a 4yr Ol Photographer


these photographs were shot by my first prince, khaleef - using his bapak's canon. some of these shots were taken even without our knowledge. ntah bila dia amik gamba tu!

makes us wonder what makes that particular item worth the shot to a four year old? i dunno about you, but i LOVE these shots! sharp, nice angles, colorful, meaningful, and deep! i like 'em all! hmm, all except the car air cond...

* * *

taken at the car park of one of the malls we went to. khaleef likes fast cars and roaring bikes. this is no surprise!

this shot can never be taken by mr. khairul! lelaki asing amik gambar wanita arab? you're dead-meat, man! setengah tempat tu, pandang-pandang jeling-jeling pun dah kena penumbuk!

ntah bila dia amik gamba ni. takde keja betui

burj al-arab, or 'tower of the arabs' - the only 7-star hotel in the world. i think we were at a traffic light junction when he took this shot

what the heck is that, really? i have absolutely no idea where was this taken!

this is one of my favorites. vivid colors, nice angle with sharp and blurry contrast. gorgeous! and it's so cute! merry christmas to all, and to all a good day!

oh, man. this one takes the cake. adorable. 'nuff said.

* * *

the next time you have a day out with the kiddos, pass them the camera. you never know what shots will turn out! kids have a weird way of looking at the world - something we'd never understand - and that's where the magic and wonders come...


UmmiY said...

serious cantekk! eh canon cam model ape ni? power la khaleef kecik2 dh ada seni..

arin said...

cantek pixs yang khaleef snap.kaka rin suka gambar the burj tuh...next bday, belikan khaleef camera for him.so dia takyah berebut ngan mak and bapak..:)

Ajue said...

wah...sungguh...penuh makna n cantik kesemua gambar2 tu...go khaleef go....

Syigim said...

>> thanks yus! seriously i'm not sure canon model ape. kalo tanya kay pun dia lupa kot! hihi.

>> yah right kak arin camera baru?? pakai je camera lama yg cover pun dah tercabut tu! :P

>> welcome ajue! thanks.. :) budak2 ni kita xleh predict ape jadi kat gamba bila kasi diorang amik.. tgk2 ok jgk ye? ;)

I am who I am said...

Wow, this is a work of art man! Seriously nice!

Perspective ****
Angle ****

Wonder what's in his mind at that time hmm...(similar to ur mak hehe) wait till he learns how to use photoshop. Good job Khaleef!!!

(ye Gim, it's me...lei ho lek hehe)

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