Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Members of the Family

it's always fun and exciting to welcome a new addition to a family - new faces, new characters, new experiences - and there's a lifetime to enjoy each other's company!

an old childhood friend of mine welcomed her third child, my best bud's sister just welcomed her firstborn, and my colleague's family welcomed a son-in-law.

* * *

ah, the sleeping angel. until they wake up! haha. enjoy your third one dear fatimah - my ol ol buddy back in primary school. it was definitely a celebration as she delivered a baby boy after 2 girls. daddy finally has a partner in crime!

congratulations, fatimah for the adorable baby fadhlullah - and selamat berpantang!

* * *

this next bundle of joy belongs to a sister of my best bud niraku! congrats kak san, and thank you for relieving the just10 babies from an annoying cheek-pincher aunt! he's the first grandson of the first son and the first daughter of each family - so i can only imagine the amount of extreme pampering that he would get!

welcome atiff! you're a cutie pie! just stay cute and keep your aunt niraku occupied so she won't 'harass' other people's babies!

* * *

5th december marked a memorable day in the life of my colleague haida as she braved the 'M' word! embracing love and celebrating happiness!

i had mixed feelings - happy for her, yet so sad because i couldn't make it! since she had her wedding in her hometown ipoh, it was naturally easy for me to be the first to taste her nasi minyak! too bad i'm way over here!

future-bride dora, 2010-bride mohana, bride-of-the-day haida, and already-basi bride jo haha

my other dear colleagues were there - dora, mohana and jo drove from kl on a girls-only road-trip to attend haida's wedding. i was more miserable seeing their pictures posted on mohana's fb this morning! i wanna be there too! you guys looked lovely - yah, you too, haida!

mohana said someone at the kenduri teased them - "ni 1malaysia ke ni?" malay, chinese, indian and sarawakian - indeed, that's what's great about working with these girls - we're each from different races of a colorful malaysia, yet we can get along so very well, and this reflects in our ongoing friendship, and in our work as well.

i miss you guys so much!!!

the bride and groom with haida's family

haida, heard that one of the hantarans is a pair of custom made nike shoes - with his name sulam-ed on it? daymn that's cool!

congrats to you haida and hubby nik! may you're blessed with bundles of kiddos! isk isk. man, weddings always get me mushy and happy-teary-eyed!

* * *

addendum : to my dubai friends, as you might have known already, our good friend kak zaida nearly lost her girl for a moment amongst the huge crowd in the infinite space of dubai global village! alhamdulillah jumpa and selamat.

according to bro nik's comment in kak zaida's facebook status, parents can get stickers from the information counter and you can write your contact numbers on this sticker, stick it on your child's back and thus making sure that you can be contacted in case of emergency.

with that, enjoy dubai global village, and keep your eyes on your little ones!

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Call me Keledek. said...

Hi Syigim! just read on baby Fadhlullah.Thanks alot,it is an honoured. Baby is almost a month old now

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