Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kahfi's Rooftop Bday Bash

haha. the blog title sounds like a an mtv teen's birthday celebration!

..and it's actually the day my 2nd born turned ONE!

we plan to postpone the actual birthday party to a later date when mr. khairul's parents are here in dubai, so that we can couple that with a doa selamat and invite our dubai malaysian friends to join in, insyaAllah.

i already asked fellow blogger and dubai baker fida for a special cake, so there was no cake on kahfi's birthday... but the wombat aunties visiting didn't want the day to pass by without a lil bit of hoohaa -

so they collected whatever 'junk food' i have lying around, and off we went on the rooftop.

kahfi didn't know what was going on, and was just excited to get out of the house. abang khaleef, on the other hand, can't wait to get into the water. so we made him take few shots with the birthday bro before letting him off splashing!

haha. syida's idea! silly, simple and cute - kahfi's impromptu unofficial birthday cake!

...and looked like he was unsure at first as if saying, "you expect me to believe that THIS is my birthday cake?" - and like all grateful son who knows he's in good hands, has good health up to this first year, growing up alongside the best bro anyone could have - he put up a smile and just clapped in joy and thankfulness - at least ade la something yang rupa mcm kek, walaupun kek gulung susun-susun!

meanwhile, the wombat aunties took the chance to enjoy the view of the sunset from my rooftop, while i pointed out the sight of the clear, calm marina and the majestic palm jumeirah island with the atlantis hotel in view.

syidot & azot

thanks, auntie da and mak su for the wonderful birthday bash! it's a little celebration, but it's the thought that counts, and the company that matters most.

kahfi is born THIS cute

...also, because auntie da and mak su gave kahfi a thomas and friends' train set for his very first birthday!

million thanks from the birthday boy!


paij188 said...

happy birthday, nanti nak buat kenduri bgtau auntie ye? auntie tolong sponsor kuih ok la, ke pulut kuning ke..

p.s.dah besar anak mak ye?

Nadiah Sidek said...

menariknya smbut bday kat rooftop!

Syigim said...

>> thanks auntie fairus... :) insyaAllah clbrate in jan. bestnye kalo ade kuih2 sedap skali masa kenduri tu.. hihi

>> hihi.. budak2 malas nk klua.. so naik lif gi je kat pool rooftop. ;) sebenanye si abg tu yg nk mandi pool sgt...

NekPP said...


congratz to mak!
another K on d wayyyyyyy ;))))

Syigim said...

thanks, nekPP.. :)) eh, kalo kahfi kena panggil oyang la yek heheh..

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