Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Invasion of the Wombats

i've been updating my facebook status with a couple of "wombats" coming to visit. for the clueless, the wombats are my younger sisters, coming to dubai for a holiday - scheduled to arrive, tonight!

why 'wombats', you may ask. i guess our family have deep affiliation with the aussie animal! abah, syida and i are all ex-melbourne students. we've made holiday trips to melb, sydney and the gold coast - it just seemed like something all of us are attached to.

and it's cute. w o m b a t. say it. it's cute!

sigh. i'm excited beyond words.

me and the wombats

ok, budak-budak busuk, these are my plan for you guys. subject to change. with additional fun stuff and lotsa good food.

  • MAKAN, of course! all those postings on nasi mandi al-tawasol will be relatable to you guys after this because that's the first meal you guys are going to get once in dubai!
  • we'll take countless stroll at the walk, dubai marina - and visit its many cafes, coz this time it's easier for me to walk around with two babysitters in tow!
  • we'll visit the creek, and the bastakiya - so that you'll have an idea of how dubai was like back in the days
  • abg khairul would drive us to the atlantis - where we would have ice-cream at one of our favourite ice-cream stops - coldstone creamery - where its specialty lies on its staff's amazing ability to baling-baling ice-cream into the cup, very accurately!
  • you guys would wanna take a second visit to the burj al-arab, since our first trip with abah in 2004.
  • we'll go to the dubai global village where you'll feel like you've visited saudi, zimbabwe and nepal with all the wondrous of each country!
  • we'll hang out at the biggest malls in the world - the mall of emirates and dubai mall - each with its own specialties! MOE has the ski dubai, and the dubai mall has the biggest aquarium in the world! also, it's right next to the soon-to-be tallest building in the world!
  • saving the best for last - we'll lunch and munch at central perk cafe! woohoo, you crazy nutty f.r.i.e.n.d.s fan, you!
we eat and eat and eat lah. and jalan-jalan huha huha.

ok, where else do you wanna go?
what else do you wanna do?
what else do you wanna eat?

* * *

* just called them wombats. busy with last minute check on luggage. pokpekpokpek - then, "ey malam ni kan dah nak jumpa? sembang malam ni je lah!"



arin said...

best nyaaaa...dah tak sempat nak masuk dlm lugage diorang.hehe..hopefully, kalau panjang umur dan murah rezeki, nak jugak menjejakkan kaki ke dubai..

Syigim said...

hahaha... ok cuti-cuti dubai nxt yr, ok ;)

paij188 said...

hahahah, wombats!!! cute i never thought of that before,cute! memang, cute!!

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