Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Syigim’s Birthday : Aigner, Pizza & Cinnabon

this is going to be a very short posting, with some pictures. oh, no biggie. it was just my birthday, got an awesome birthday present from my cookiedough, and a birthday pizza to top it all. alhamdulillah!



with my birthday present. with love from my cookiedough.


mr. khairul couldn’t be there on my exact birthday as he was leaving for algeria. so the day before he left, we went the mall of emirates, and without warning he just walked into aigner. out of the blue he picked two items, and asked me to pick one that i like. it turned out that he had been scouting for a birthday present for me weeks ago and he already knew which one he wants to buy me. he narrowed it down to two, and ask me to choose. best sangat. it was an absolute surprise. thanks honey. i love it, and i love you!


* * *



bapak is out of town, but we’re still gonna celebrate! bought cinnabons – which ironically, i did not like haha. but my boys love it so much so i know i’ll be happy when they’re super happy to eat cinnabon. so jadilah cinnabon treat on my birthday!




* * *



my birthday pizza. JUST cheese. again, just the way my boys like it. ni birthday mak ke birthday korang ni. huhu.


may Allah grant me many more years to see my boys grow up and achieve their dreams. more years to see them find the woman with whom they will spend the rest of their lives (so that i dont have to worry about them anymore hihi). more years to see my grandchildren, and to grow old with my honey cookiedough. more years to be your humble servant ya Allah. amin.

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