Thursday, October 8, 2009

Agent Darwin, Sir Despereaux & Manny the Mammoth

time to watch animated features yang telah dimuat-turun. khaleef had been playing the x-box version of 'g-force', 'ice-age' and 'up' for the longest time - but the poor kid has never seen any one of the movies!

so there i was, the ever-supporting mak, happily watching the movies with him, being an animated feature slash cartoon myself. oh, man. name any classic disney movies, chances are i should at least know one of the many wonderful engaging songs in them!

* * *

the annoying hamster in bolt can learn a thing or two from this super-cool bunch. james bond slash mission impossible meets fuzzy cutesies. there's nothing more adorable than an obviously adorable little fuzzy creature, posing as a dare-devil secret agent up to secure a dangerous mission.

darwin is the new james! and agent juarez is a babe!

as animals i could never understand hamsters. cats, yes. they have facial expression (they do! - even if it's just one - the i-don't-give-a-damn look) they act out their wants and needs. but hamsters - well, do they even know we're there, looking into their cage?

* * *

i LOVE this one. opens with an amazing credit graphic - followed by a crisp clear narration from sigourney weaver. and you know how i love movies with narration! add a couple of french and brit accent, princess in distress, knights, unlikely heroes, fantasy made-up world (mouseworld and ratworld) and an inexplicable fierce passion for something unlikely - soup.

oh, yes. don't you feel like grabbing a bowl of hot mushroom soup as you watch the first part of the movie?

watching it again and again just adds to the fun of spotting and matching the famous voices behind the endearing characters (and this movie has a lot of them) - matthew broderick, 'hermione granger's' emma watson, dustin hoffman, 'dr. emmet brown's' christopher lloyd, tracie ullman, kevin kline, william h. macy, richard jenkins and the recent oscar best actor nominee frank langella!

the animation is beautiful, the colors brilliantly smooth to the eyes. this one goes into my fav list!

* * *

manny, sid and diego were funnier when they still find each other annoying. ice age 2 were boring already - why bother with a third? i guess they have their groupies. like i still find toy story 3 funny as the first - and that's hard to find - most of the time (and it's like a curse, and applies mostly to cartoons and some movies) the second, third and subsequent movies that follow always suck.

however, i have to admit adding the dinos make it slightly better than the 2nd. really. maybe coz khaleef loves anything with dinosaurs in it.

oh, and scrat the 'saber-toothed squirrel' is at least, still entertaining.

* * *

no, i haven't seen 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs', so stop asking. and you, stop bragging about how cute it is - coz i've seen the previews! (honey, cepat balik kita gi tengok kat ibn battuta!)

but what i am really disappointed about is missing afdlin shauki's latest masterpiece that won him the best actor award in the recent festival filem malaysia - 'papadom', which also grabbed the best movie award. i LOVE all his movies. isk isk. afdlin bawak la movie papadom ke dubai...ok from now on, no one mention papadom. stop. ahp! no. na-ah. makan popadam pun tak bley!



wawajoe said...

Citer afdlin lagi satu, Setem dah tgk? Lawak tak hengat. Satu panggung gelak aje!

Syigim said...

blom!!!!! waaaaa!!!!! :( nanti nk suh my sisters poskan je la dvd ori setem AND papadom!!!

punyala kesiannya los n faun punnn barruuuuu nk tgk.. uhuk uhuk.. da basi dah :(

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