Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mee Goreng Mamak : Syigim Style

i admit - i'm not much of a cook, but today, just for kicks, i'm puting up my own version of mee goreng mamak.

rasa dia lebih kurang tau!

i don't have the original mee kuning, so i actually used spaghetti. it actually improved the taste in my humble opinion, because i'm not much of a fan of the mee kuning myself! for the tumis-tumis ingredients i used the usual garlic and onions, a lil bit of cili padi and blended cili kering. oh i also add a lil bit of udang kering too!

when the stingin aroma of fried cili sneaks right up your nostrils, time to put the chicken bits! fry till semi-cooked and pour in the soy sauce (my fav is kicap tamin!) before adding the spaghetti. mix it up well, till the kicap blends well with the pasta.

make a hole in the middle, put a lil bit oil and then put in the eggs! mix the egg right there in the middle and plop the spaghetti over it. mr. khairul likes a lot of eggs in the mee mamak, and the lil bit of hangus-er the better!

finally, add the cut up sawi or bok choy to give it a lil bit of greens. oh, and of course, the mandatory salt to taste!

tada! my own mee goreng mamak! well, it's better than nothing, and beggars can't be choosers, yah? besides, i got the thumbs up from mr. khairul so all is well!

* * *

khaleef? well, i always put aside some spaghetti to make his own special one - fry the spaghetti lightly in a pan with lil bit of butter, add a tablespoon of prego sauce, and some minced mushroom. when done, immediately grate some cheese right on top and see it melts right away!

khaleef loves it!

well, my recipe is not much, but something simple for fellow kitchen rookies who wanna try! good luck and have fun!

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