Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beach Boys

i took two boys out to the beach today. by myself.
it's a tiring day.
so i'm gonna make this short.

kahfi on the stroller.
khaleef said, "mak, hold hand." so i did.
we walked a mile across dubai marina to 'the walk'. bought kfc and hardees nuggets.
had a picnic. what a ball.

khaleef went nuts at the beach.
had a dip.
had a laugh.
had sand in his eyes.
really, nutty.

kahfi lepak.
ate some fries.
heard his brother scream with delight. saw him throw sand on his own tummy while lying down in the sandy beach. collect sea-shells. run to the shore.
envy. jealousy.
your time will come, kiddo.

khaleef still nutty.
playing catch with the waves.
went back.
went back.
wait for the waves.
scream, shout, laugh out loud.

evening came.
ok, jom balik!

let's 'walk'.
dubai marina walk is l-o-n-g.
went to look for krispy kreme. a poster says 'NOW OPEN'. another poster. and another.
went. found. closed. lotsa boxes strewn all over inside the place as if

1) it had never been open
2) doesn't look at all like it's ready to be opened
3) closed down? most unlikely!

bodo. i can sue them for false advertising! penat jalan 3 blocks!

disappointed. but promised the boys ice-cream instead.
khaleef stopped by his favorite 'hang-out'.
got very very wet!
gave him a break - it's summer, it's warm, cool breeze - we're walking anyway, it's not like he's gonna get the car seat wet!

* * *

it's a very tiring day.
but one of my best days out with the boys.

just me and my boys.


Fauziah said...

you're such a darling mother....

Syigim said...

hey of course i'm a darlin. tell me something i don't already know lah ;) hihi

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