Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Newborn, A Wedding & A Short-Neck Giraffe

babies, weddings and stuffed animals. i love 'em all.

babies for its pure newborn smell that is so heavenly. you can't get enough of smudging your nose against a newborn's cheek, kan? and the way their lil fingers ball up into tiny adorable fists. the way their legs move in motions as if they're going cycling of rowing! cute!

weddings for its food, oh glorious food. the delicious oily nasi minyak and the ayam masak merah with acar. the bloody red sirap. and the bunga telur which makes it all complete. and i don't know about you, but i just love sneaking up inside the house to take a look at the pelamin, and the beautiful decor in the pengantin's room!

stuffed animals? well, once, when mr. khairul wanted to get me a bracelet for my birthday, i asked for a huge stuffed frog instead. that's how much i love stuffed animals.

* * *

the newborn belongs to my schoolmate, anneeza. we're also part of just10, a friendship group formed since we're in form 1.

to date, here's the list of our kiddos, the just10 juniors (in order of birth date)

  1. nurin sabihah
  2. khairul ikhwan
  3. ainul mardhiah
  4. khaleef
  5. amirul hakeem
  6. muhammad firdaus
  7. tengku fatimah zahra
  8. kahfi
  9. ainul munirah
  10. safiah nadira

the just10 junior fasa II (hihi)

  1. aliah insyirah
  2. kazim
  3. tengku hamza

born 6th june 2010, just10 juniors fasa II welcomes its 3rd member, lil baby hamza.

hello hamza!

my friend anneeza is a strong advocator of babywearing, cloth-diapering and breastfeeding. i'm sure her writings in her blog is an inspiration to many, as it is with me.

she can also sew very well, and so talented in making lil dresses for her first daughter zahra, and many more like pants and nursing cover. you can check out her work and her stories here at neezaneedles. if you want one, you can even make orders!

(since aku buat posting ni, ape kata ko buatkan aku satu nursing cover, anneeza? hihi)

congrats, anneeza and may hamza grow up to be anak soleh okeh!

* * *

the wedding. that i didn't go to.

she was the president of KDMM (kelab dewan malaysia melbourne) and i was in the media bureau, if i'm not mistaken. i remember her to be cheery and always with a smile. we've had chats in her room - about life, people - i can open up to her and share stories and feelings, like to a big sis.

she was a good president, and even a nicer friend.

me & kak laily @ monash university caufield

i knew her as kak laily when we were both staying at malaysia hall, and now she's dr. laily the phd. ops, sorry - PUAN laily, phd!

i LOVE the theme color of her wedding! (btw, how come i didn't know earlier!)

kak laily on her big day - credit to nurin for the photo

to dr. laily, i wish you all the happiness in the world!

hmm, i never told anyone this, but since you're married lemme just tell you that one of the guys once confided in me about having a major crush on you, kak laily - and begged me not to tell! hihi. who? shhh!

oh, selamat pengantin baru!

* * *

yes, the stuffed animal i was gonna talk about is this short-necked giraffe!

omera bersama giraffe berleher pendek

comel gile tak?

my friend liyana, (who was also one of the penghuni of malaysia hall melbourne - in fact, she was our 'penghulu aras') actually MADE this for her lil baby girl omera. what a fantastic idea!

i was very impressed because it looks so weird and adorable at the same time. is it a horse? did care-bears threw up on a donkey? is it a unicorn gone bad?

rupa-rupanye it's supposed to be a giraffe but the neck ended up short! hihi.

liyana is another talented friend of mine who sews bags and purses - check out her site akareka design, and make your order or simply browse around!


Hidayah Ismawi said...

I love eating "makanan kenduri" too.. the combination of nasi minyak, ayam masak merah and acar always makes me hungry... although I am also a fan of dalca, ayam goreng rempah and kambing ..hehe..and the trend now is to serve masak lemak cili padi, ulam, ikan masin, soto, roti canai, sate, tapai(don't like)..and cupcakes at weddings

heck.. as long as it is served at weddings I can't seem to get enough (hehe..slalu gak menjadi org yg gi tambah.. takpe..anak 3 org so I have a good excuse)..

But in Sarawak (well my kg Gedong, to be more specific) the kenduri lauk is ayam masak kicap, nasi putih, and the side dish is made from the cow's skin.. am not a fan..

The only reason I don't like going to more than one wedding a day is.. I can't appreciate the food as much ..hehe

arin said...

ahaaa...kak arin tau siapa yg ada crush ngn kak laily..kihkihkih..r we talking bout the same guy here?
tp jadi roomate kak laily for bout 1 semester mmg best. ada org kejut pagi2 kalau tak asyikkkkkkkk terlajak.
eh, liyana pernah jd penghulu aras ek?tak ingat lak..yg kak arin ingat selalu dia bertekak dgn pyan..

Syigim said...

hidayah, since small, if any of the other 4 girls xmo ikut my parents gi kenduri - I WOULD! hihihi.. just for the food!

yes, i agree! anak ramai xpe pegi buffet table 4-5 kali hahaha... i LIKE this logic hihi

wah, dah lama xgi kenduri kawen, the menu has changed ya? balik mcm menu kenduri gotong royong kampung!

side dish made of cow's skin??? you HAVE to blog about that one day!!!

Syigim said...

kak arin, shhhhh! hihi.. eh, ntah2 ade 2 org tak? wah wah wahhh kak laily...

hmm, mmg suka kak laily. humble walaupun background kaw2 punye hihi..

liyana pernah jd penghulu aras lepas kak arin blah kot. yes, she n pyan musuh sejati tu.. ;)

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