Friday, June 18, 2010

Football World Cup Donuts

my my, even the doughnuts wanna get a piece of the action during this FIFA world cup season! these football donuts are super cute!

the boys, especially khaleef are crazy about the doughnuts at krispy kreme.

  • khaleef can eat 4 donuts at one go
  • khaleef likes weird donuts which are blue or purple or shocking pink in color
  • never ever leave your donuts unattended when khaleef is in the same room

currently krispy kreme is having a really awesome promo - buy one dozen doughnuts, and get another half a dozen, free!

kazim bored. bukannya dapat makan! hihi

we bought a dozen (and you know what that means - another half free!) and the boys went nuts waiting to reach home - because obviously they're not allowed to snack in the car!

the doughnuts are mixed - there's custard filling, chocolate or nuts. i guess they sprinkle chocolate powder and sugar to get the football pattern.

sweet, as only krispy kreme doughnuts can be!

let the picture tells you of their comot donut time...

...and kahfi ended up having a stuble!

i just bought these yesterday, and only today morning realized that fida had already posted something on these delicious footie donuts too! read about it here.


Hanz Jamaludin said...

sygim, reminds me of my boys..they also nuts on we always go to JCo donuts.

arin said...

haha..sama la ngan hanum. but dia hantu Jco.Only oreo Jco je dia ngap.kalu beli, kejap je lak tak berapa sangat.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Yousof is also a donut junkie.. when he was small it was so hard to convince him that even the ones without holes were donuts.. his fav are choc donuts :)

FiDa@aMiDa said...

syigim...lawaklah kebetulan sama

Izan Ishak said...

sedapnya makan donut sampai comot.
anak2 mmg sgt suka dgn donut kn syigim~

Nadiah Sidek said...

penangan football world cup..eheh..

dulu2 kite suka mkn dunkin donut pastu bila ada big apple donut, tak mkn dah dunkin donut :p. yg krispy kereme ni tak pernah rasa

Syigim said...

>> hanz, jco donuts is niceeeee..but sini in dubai i've only seen krispy kreme & dunkin :P

>> kak arin, khaleef suka flavor yg pelik2 tapi realitinye..kasi la donut jenis ape pun suma dia ngap!

Syigim said...

>> hidayah, that is too cute! psl convincing him about donuts without holes!

>> fida, tu la ni psl 2-2 demam bola la ni! :P

Syigim said...

>> izan, kalo makan xcomot tu xcomplete tau! hihi ;)

>> nadiah, big apple texture dia lembut dr dunkin donuts kan. krispy kreme pun lembut lebih kurang jgk, cuma ramai org kata krispy kreme ni gula dia manis sgt! :)

Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

sweet comot boys! hah, cute!

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