Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tag : Ini Kasut Saya

would you believe it if i told you that i only started wearing my first high heels at age 20? also, i wore my adidas sneakers with baju kurung to class while in uni? and i STILL have those sneakers, good as new?

some girls may have an entire emilda marcos-like collection from vinci, carlo rino, nine west to salvatore ferragamo heels, but i think i have more 'memorable' sneakers from adidas, nike, reebok, converse than any other shoes!

story of my life!

anyway, all this shoe-talk is the result of a tag i got from the dubai baker, fida. thanks, fida!

tada ~

this is the tale of my favorite kasut - ye ol faithful - my blue adidas sneakers. super-comfy, sporty and spunky.

brand : adidas

color : blue

price : lupa!

tahun beli : around 2000 kot - dah 10 tahun! seriously!

kenapa beli : i wear sneakers to class. period.

can you see my adidas?

preferably, add a picture of you wearing this favorite shoes of yours. i found this picture among the pile of e-photographs i got in my hard drive. it was taken during our trip to mirdiff park. i think kahfi was just 2 months old.

i want to tag : the usual suspects - kak arin, aisha, fairus, ica, hidayah

time to take a good long peek inside your shoe rack, people!


FiDa@aMiDa said...

syigim.. wah lajunya buat tugasan hehhehe..kasut sneakers mmg best kalau pakai sedap^& selesa je berjalan kan :)

Mama Safiyyah said...


i believe you and can even be the saksi if anyone doubts you wearing sneakers with baju kurung to class hehehehehe

and carry a backpack too! :-p

i_sofia said...

rasa2, baper pasang heels yg penah syigim ada??

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ahaha..dah masuk senarai the usual suspects ke?

I don't wear high heels full stop.

Used to wear these really cool reebok hightops with my school uniform to MRSM ..hehe..

will have to start settling all my TAG debts soon..hehe

Syigim said...

mesti la fida hihiihhi i can queen of tags hahahaha.. :P

sneakers mmg selesa, esp nk dukung budak2 ni :P

Syigim said...

>> yeah, yeen! YOU would know, eh?

>> sofia, i rase bole kira tp..xdpt plak nk kira fact awal2 dulu some of my heels amik my sisters punya je! ;)

Syigim said...

OoooOo hidayah, i LOVE hightops. :) yah i know you're filling ur pages with all those makan adventures. the tags can wait ;)

Fairus Basir from The Juggling Queen said...

ok, ok, nak jawab ni..

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