Monday, June 7, 2010

One Tag & Two Awards

tagged by a nebraskan mom, nadiah! thanks a bunch coz i just love doing tag questions!

1. Siapakah anda di rumah?
mr. khairul's gorgeous wife, and a garang mak to khaleef, kahfi and kazim haha

2. Siapakah diri anda di samping rakan?
"i may not call you often, but when you call i am very happy :)"

3. 5 benda yang anda idamkan tapi masih belum tercapai?

  • to furnish my home in shah alam (especially with yellow color kitchen!)
  • a yellow beetle
  • a trip to egypt
  • my own kids' summercamp!
  • a baby girl! hihi

4. Siapakah nama pasangan anda?
mr. khairul

5. Ceritakan 5 perkara yang paling anda suka tentang pasangan anda?

  • his smile (cue elite's 'manisnya senyumanmu'!)
  • his broad shoulders (rawwrrr!)
  • his silly jokes
  • doesn't mind bancuh susu, change diapers, scrub the toilet, basuh pinggan mangkuk
  • cakap je nak makan ape, sure he makes it happen!

6. Bila tarikh couple?
hmm. interesting. because we first met, and 25 days later he asked me to marry him even before he asked me to be his girlfriend - so camne tu? and just a week after that i flew to melbourne - so we didn't 'date' or 'couple-couple' coz we're in different continents. when i came back, we got married.

so bile, eh tarikh couple...

7. Kenangan pahit anda bersama rakan anda?
minum kopi pahit. hahahahhahahahaha. ok bad joke. i don't even like coffee.

8. Lagu tema cinta anda?
3 doors down's 'here without you' - because we were in a long distance relationship. (wah, lama tak dengar lagu ni...)

9. Apa perubahan yang anda ingin lihat pada pasangan anda?
stop smoking, honey...

10. Tag 10 rakan lain:

  • kak arin
  • aisha
  • anneeza
  • syu
  • fairus
  • fida
  • ica
  • hidayah
  • nadnye
  • lina

* * *

meanwhile, i got this award eons ago, from a new bloggirl friend, deena. thanks! i know i'm wonderful! hihi.

you can visit her blog and get to know her and her thoughts through her writings. then you can help yourself with this award from her, okay?

also, just a few days ago, i got this award from hidayah! creative award? yay me! award ni bole gerak-gerak sebenarnye haha. click hidayah's blog page to see the actual award with its original meaning and interpretation.

from yourdictionary dot come, hidayah quoted, "creative; having or showing imagination and artistic or intellectual inventiveness."

ah, so many deserving bloggirls! and i get to choose 5 only? of course top of the list are my sisters;

1) azi (who did my new blog layout)
2) and syida (who's also super-creative especially in photo-editing) - check out her tumblr!

and the other three must be

3) my melbourne hall-mate kak arin (whose creative ideas never failed to give her 3-4 potpet postings a day!)
4) fairus (whose creative use of her new baby dslr is starting to give her amazing photographs - the latest 'catch' would be the one with the oman dolphin!)
5) fida (whose creativity has granted her with cakes, cookies and cuppies she baked that are not only delicious but so geram to look at!)

celebrate creativity and the power of imagination!


arin said...

eh, khairul smoking ek?tak tau pon.satu boat ngan azwar la..payah sungguh nak suruh stop..

arin said...

btw, kenal lagi tak akmal suyat?from melbourne uni gak. kak arin baca blog dia, she's in dubai skrg.
nih blog dia :

ICA said...

hahaha....dpt tag lagi..yea yea....:)) thanks dear...

Syigim said...

>> ye kak arin, khairul mmg smoke. dia dah smoke less sebenanye tp biase la nk suh dia stop full! :)

hmm..ingat...ingat..potpet mcm kak arin jgk kan hahaha.. ooo ye ke! kat dubai, buat pe. nanti syigim check out blog dia

>> ica, you know me! ;)

check out these postings too!

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