Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup, The Musical! @ Dubai Outlet Mall


the length people go to, just to celebrate 'the greatest show on earth' - the FIFA world cup!

last weekend we swung by dubai outlet mall for jalan-jalan and our window shopping was pleasantly 'interupted' by a loud band of what appears to be footballers; blowing trumpets and swinging pompoms - among others! they created quite an atmosphere in the shopping mall.

also seen were girls and guys in 'football-suit' and skates - so yes, it looks like the actual round black and white standard-looking football - with hands, head and legs, skating!

there's a certain 'high-skool-sports-day' feel when teens in football jerseys walked by playing all sorts of musical instrument they can carry. they walked right behind the 'skating football'. right in tow are the 'cheerleading footballers' - teens in jersey, waving pompoms. and following suit were 'mascots' wearing jersey of favorite football teams.

and if you think the infamous vuvuzela is missing - think again. eventhough making an appearance slightly smaller, making lesser noise - it's still NOISE!

khaleef had fun just standing there in awe of the performance, while kahfi enjoyed clapping hands along with the beat.

* * *

for dubaians, if you wanna catch this loud spectacle, head on to dubai outlet mall, or mirdiff city center - and i bet mall of emirates also have this 'show'.

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